Barney, for some reason, liked to go ALL THE WAY BACK the LONG WAY to get to that hallway at the end, so this level was kind of annoying.


And thus a new skip is made. This trick requires a grenade and at least 60 hp (and no suit) minimum, but we should be in better condition when we get to it.


Please link to an attempt where you actually getit,


Alright you lazy ass: http://www.twitch.tv/gocnak/b/396069727?t=6h24m50s

We do get that crate to wallclimb on, just watch the reroute-c17_10b-aftercutscene-BOOMSHAKALAKA demo.


Do we really need to wallclimb that?

Only reason you wallclimb that is because it puts you close to the laser-core, but since we get that differently now we don’t need to go there anymore, especially since the wallclimb puts you nowhere close to the middle core and is pretty slow as well.
Taking the intended route towards the middle core might be faster now.