http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/363265217/p2_…09_suga_11s.rarFinally we’re moving on again, only 12 more maps to go! Let the countdown begin!1.) I think we should shoot the barrel and take the piece that gives us the most forward boost (I think it’s the skinniest one).2.) Drop it temporarily so we can throw the turret at the guards and mortar the box room.3.) Grab the piece and take all the health/armor we can.4.) Lead gordon to the top and teleport him forward with the piece.5.) Once the first door opens, climb up until we get over the invisible wall, then go forward as far and fast as possible and either try to land on the invisible wall above the forcefield or just land on the ground, depending on which one we’ll live through.EDIT: From my other post:From now on it’s probably best if we start from rest where it won’t affect anything (like non-bhop), and start recording after the screen is visible. The less we miss on the final movie, the better.


Do we want the alyx gun?I mean, do it has some special powers, like a lot of dmg?


If we can fit it in without slowing us down, sure, it’d be a nice little side thing.I don’t think it has special powers besides the fact that it’s pretty much an automatic pistol with only 30 rounds.


letting alyx get killed adds to the fun in this run. :slight_smile:


maybe we need alyx at the next map, because there is much fighting and you need to kill much soldiers, otherwise barney dont die


I found a way without using flying but didn’t know you can climb up the invisible wall :confused:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1510959643/su…a_no_flying.rar


you can get alyx-gun this way without slowdown.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/980664004/sug…7_10a_part1.rar


I don’t know if we want to get rid of the forcefield. We might have to end up landing on it.Also, I think we want the skinniest piece of metal. The fat one is good for going up, but the skinny one can throw you forward very fast. Here’s an example of what I mean:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1967977110/d3…urboforward.rarShould this map be two parts, as the climbing and then flying forward and then not dying on the landing will be pretty random I think?


What’s the best way to come down? I’ve tried landing in the trees and stuff but I always die or go slower than a different route.


Fly off the piece via a turbo forward and land on the forcefield.EDIT: Doing that turbo forward thing is tough. Alternatively we might want to use the fat piece after all and throw ourselves off of it, bouncing off the edge of the spire and landing on the top of the forcefield, then on the other side to absorb falling damage.


I think we should split the map. not just flying is random but there’s also teleport :/we must figure out how to spawn Barney in front of you in the next map. loner did spawned Barney in front of him in phase 1. it saves about only 1 sec though since Barney doesn’t start to work on the console until he finish the dialogue (the dialogue starts when you hit the sensor wherever Barney is).here’s loner’s p1 demo.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2074579583/p1…ville_1m15s.raras for Alyx could be useful in the next map, I’m not sure.


looks like it’s impossible to spawn Barney in front of you. I had some testing; I used “ai_disable” at the start of the map, then just noclipped to the exit, he spawned in front of me when I loaded the map by “map” command, but he didn’t when I used the p2 save. so I think Barney’s following method is different if you use “map d3_c17_10a”.I don’t think we need Alyx in the next map. I’ve run c17_10b for a while and succeeded to get Barney to the last console two in a row. we only have to kill a few of combines ;)I hate this level. teleporting Barney is quite hard. I’m guessing it takes long for this map to be done :frowning:


what happened, interest was up, we had 4 runners trying the maps.now its all dead again.


1m06s(50s+16s).http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/613093527/p2_…_50s_p2_16s.rarI’ve included p1 save just in case if anyone wants to improve p2.


coz iv gone through a cba phase o40 :stuck_out_tongue:


nice demos suga. I think a second could be shaved off the second demo and leave you with more health than 9hp


yeah one second could be shaved off but I don’t think we need much more health. we’ll end up being 100/75 or something around that at the end of the next map anyway.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/211647544/sug…7_10b_route.rar


ah, ok, then its no problem.Anyway, Im going to let this one run tonight and set the new topic tomorrow if noone shows interest.


Got 14s on p2. Is anybody else working on this?http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1528552561/p2…_suga_1m04s.rar


I dont think so, people should be more active on the forums when they participate.max, if you feel that you want to go ahead with the next map, do it.