http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1943595535/p2…sx_suga_45s.rarSince I think everybody hates that last map and we’ve been on it forever, time to move on.DarkDevil had a good route through this one, involving a well placed gravjump off the hood of the car near the invisible wall. After that we should land on the telephone poll and continue the hop on to the small blockade and from there up and over the big blockade.


I can’t get that jump ever. If the telephone pole is too hard to hit, try getting on the third floor where barney is, then hopping around and you can easily get on/over the barricade with some momentum.


Also, if you plan on opening up the crate near the doorway near the end of the map, try doing it with the gravgun and without slowing down (ie grabbing and breaking in front of you while on the move).Alternatively, I guess you could break it open with the shotty and hope you pick it up as you bhop by it.


btw, is there a way to disable autosaves?


Not that I know of.


sv_autosave “0” To disable autosaves at the start of level (don’t know what that means, I thought it saved between levels.QUOTE To completely disable autosaves, go to “C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps<your steam username>\half-life 2\hl2\SAVE” (or wherever you installed HL2) and set the following 4 files to read-only:autosave01.savautosave01.tgaautosave.savautosave.tga


No that just will stop autosaves at the beginning of levels, and I’m pretty sure sv_autosave “0” doesn’t stop the game from freezing at autosaves…DarkDevil, did you duck when you gravjumped off the corner or no?


QUOTE (MaxImuS-X)I uploaded to filefront to avoid taking up space in the upload section, since were just going to be reuploading p1 and p2 demos/saves together again anyway.There is no space limit on the hl2dq.net account. Don’t be afraid to upload all you want, as long as it is relevant to HL2DQ. I just don’t want it being used for warez or something. :]


Guest = me. ARRGHH


I will run this map. I havn’t even downloaded the demos/saves of the last 4 maps, HL2DM Pro has side tracked me :stuck_out_tongue: I reckon 14seconds is possible with the table.


Pincus, this is more like what we want to do:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/539006121/d3_…09_gravjump.zipExcept, we want to land on the telephone pole if we can, then bhop to the small blockade and from there bhop to the big blockade. With this we might be able to get 12s or less.As a backup plan, if you miss the telephone poll but make the walljump, take out the machinegun midair and mortar yourself over the big blockade.EDIT: Oh and also, I just read your post superjer. I’ll keep that in mind, and thanks for the free upload space!



A couple notes about this map:-If you lure alyx up to the car we launch off, you can smash her with it an take the alyx_gun. I didn’t think you could get it any other way unless with codes. It’s pretty nice, don’t know if it will help any…-This map lags like a bitch for me. Too many autosaves and it tries to precache strider models and stuff. Don’t know what that’s all about but right at the beginng the autosave is annoying when you try to get the sprint jump boost.-If you take the yellow sign that blocks you from the sniper at the beginning, this is one of the best items I’ve found for flying. I can go up so damn fast, I wonder if we could use this in any other map. Try it out.


16 seconds I think, I can improve for sure… I also noticed Alyx’s gun. I will look at the demo with the GJ. I can do a GJ with the car upside down up to the main level… Im not sure which pole you are talking about.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1772737454/p2…7_09_pincus.rar


Actually a good demo will be more like 10-11 seconds using DD’s route, because I can get to the wall at 6-7 seconds on a fast beginning. Trouble is making the jump, but we’ll get it eventually o_OOh and we’re doing this in one part also.


K. I might leave this one to you. I only get to the car 1/5 times, and that doesn’t include doing a succesfuly gravity jump.


I just watched your demos, thought they were a run but I guess you were showing off that piece. Man, that thing flys fast. How did you find that?That would be GREAT for citadel_02, but taking it with us would be something of a burden, especially since I had planned out the next few levels and was hoping we wouldn’t have to fly every map. Now I’m left with a conundrum :/EDIT: Actually, it would be great for a number of levels, but we’re left with a few problems. One, carrying it through c17_10b everywhere we go will be a serious pain, and would leave us defenseless against the combine. You can’t just leave it by the forcefield because it will disappear.Two, it will sort of make the other maps a little more boring, such as replacing the mortar jump I was hoping we would do over the blockade on c17_11, the dumpster jump on c17_12b, flinging ourselves off a metal piece on c17_13, the gravity jump on this very map, etc. I know viewers would probably appreciate a varied array of tricks rather than just flying through the whole last section of the game.BUT, that’s not to say on some of those maps that it wouldn’t be faster. In fact, it would help a lot on maps we would have had to fly straight on anyway, such as c17_10a, citadel_01, citadel_02, etc. However, it would definitely be slower on c17_10b and maybe this map and c17_11.So, find a way to lug around the dresser piece through 10b and fly through every level from c17_09 to citadel_03, or avoid it and go as is? Decisions, decisions…


QUOTE (Chomp @ Jan 29 2006, 04:29 AM)-If you lure alyx up to the car we launch off, you can smash her with it an take the alyx_gun. I didn’t think you could get it any other way unless with codes. It’s pretty nice, don’t know if it will help any…I didn’t know this, cool find! (I don’t know if this was old or not - but still cool!)That gun is just freaky…in so many ways!Too bad we can’t put that gun in the run…or maybe we can “kill” alyx sometime later in the game? (in a waiting scene or something).As for this map: It seems pretty fun - I’ll probably jump around on it for a while tomorrow.


Dale, we can put it in the run. Bloopers/tricks/glitches section ;PBy the way, for anyone that missed it my above post is massively edited.EDIT: Pincus, is there any way to achieve that same kind of flight on tables or chairs in the window shops of c17_13? Or ANY objects on that level or the one before it perhaps?


I will look for it now…