http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2134873226/p2…b_Chomp_27s.rarSince all people seem to be done running the last map, and the final time is quite satisfactory, on we go. Feel free to further improve c17_06b if you want Chomp, just update us if you do. :)Ran this map a little bit and got 1m30s to start us off. I messed up at the end, could be improved by a few more seconds I think, if anyone wants to take the time. If anybody knows a faster way to get Alyx through the hallways, let me know.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1550797051/p2…imusx_1m30s.rar


heh, I got 1m30s too. and we did quite different.I used all of mortars since I think there’s no reason to keep them.it looks like Alyx got to the console faster in my demo, mine 44s and yours 47s.it’s possible but hard to teleport Alyx since she’s running. I don’t know how much does it save and if it’s worth the effort.I found she will be broken if you go back to her too fast.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/776810920/sug…07_too_fast.rar


ah I think we can also use orbs here, since there are three orbs at the room that has a bunch of sensors in c17_10b, and there are not much combat until then.


Well, we might want mortars for the next boss fight as they are faster than rockets…There is no use using mortars or orbs here anyway, shotgun and pulse rifle ammo is everywhere, mortars and orbs are rare. Besides, it’s not hard to use shotgun and pulse, so why not use it?


ive got 1:26 but dont ask me how i dont know it myself… well another problem is that i dont have the newest version and i have it recorded in fraps directly but something is with sound its too damn weak… but if somone has got a thing for editing videos, perhaps he can make it a little louder. i havent uploaded the video, id dont how to do it XD but im sure somone gets a better time so i think its really not necessary now… yah and some details, end-section healt 41, 2 rocket used, 2 power balls from combine pulse gun, 1 mortar


I ended up breaking alyx a lot of times, have you figured the first room out, when does the timer start to make alyx smash the door? Is it when you get in to the room, jump down or tip the turrets?EDIT: maximus, plx link the last demofile in your first post in this topic.There is room for a lot of script bugs on this map.I once managed to get alyx just to run through all the combines instead of fighting them, and that leads to that she gets to the basement earlier and we save shotgun shells. The other thing I noticed was that she opened the door waaay to early, I usually wait for the soldiers to get down but during that wait, the door was already open, didnt see when she did it. I have to do some more testing to see if I can reproduce it. I think the trick is to get alyx running (or/and teleporting) because you get too far from her.


i dont think its timer its bout luck or something like that. i tryed it 159 times (excatcly) and i found out that its important to kill turrets first, fall on the ground, kill zombies, and then just have luck with alyx, cause she has to kill pair of combine soldiers in front of the room. i tryed to destroy only turrets and it took much more time than without killing everyting in room. then sometimes the door explode sooner, other times later. its all about luck i think… i could post that video of mine but its very big and i dont know why (21 mb only 1:26 of lenght…)


I noticed that alyx takes different routes through the rooms before blasting the door, sometimes she comes from the corridor, sometimes from the room to the right (facing down the hallway)


yah finaly i got that size fixed but the sound is still to quiet, well, best i can have… here is the link for video and save http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/999715920/p2_…c17_07_1.26.zip i think it should work


Tuna, there may be some conflict with timing with frapgs and timing with demos. You need to put it in demo format (aka record “p2_d3_c17_07_tuna”) before each time you try the map, fraps recordings can’t be accepted. You’re able to bind a key to the record and load buttons like this: "bind “w” “record p2_d3_c17_07_tuna” for example.You might also want to bind a key to load the map we’re on. After you finish the level, just minimize HL2 and rename autosave.sav and autosave.tga into “p2_d3_c17_07_tuna_.sav” amd “p2_d3_c17_07_tuna_.tga”.Also on the next map after you finish the level, make sure if you’re bhopping that you hold in the bhop button until the next map loads and autosaves, then stop the demo and upload the _2.dem demo it makes as well as the normal demo.


hehehe shit this might be a little bit small problem. i wrote about 100 times that i dont have newest version, in fact i have only basic, and cant wiew demos or record demos so you can watch it. so, guess this fucks everyting up and i can shit on making anymore training or making any positive development towards final completion of the run. i thought u were going to refilm it into one straight movie, not putting every demo separatley on sda… srry for wasting ure time, nobody told me about this, whatever its my stupidity that when i start to help somone i only fuck the progress up and waste my precious time


First of all, why don’t you update?Second, you can load current saved games on the old version, and record old demos that we can view using doxilys fix, as well as save games that we are still able to load on the new version. You can still help and make runs :)Third, you didn’t mess up any progress of ours, it’s fine. Don’t beat yourself up about it.


yeah i cant update cause i have cracked version and its totaly about 2 years old versionso only god can help me now, but im really not sure about it. well whatever at least i can show some tricks i find out through normal video


Keep looking for a way to get Alyx to the last room early o40, it’d be nice to have a timesaver on this map. Have you thought about using nades perhaps? Throwing a nade at her feet makes her run away from it I believe, maybe we could chase her into the room?


hm i tryed that nade but she always runs back, or into other room… probably its the best way to kill everyone so she doesnt have to bother with anyone and get as fast as possible to the lower level… something like i did the video


It being 2 years old, i believe would make him void of being able to run it. If it is 2 years old, things that Valve fixed (like script errors and all sorts of other things) will still be there. If we wanted to try to use things that Valve currently fixed, then we would all rather run it on the old versions of the game, so we could get the best possible time.




1m23s.I think this is the best I could get with the current strategy. I’ll start experiment if there’s a way to move Alyx faster.btw o40 nice pic haha :smiley:


Well, I got here to run or teleport down once, I think that was because she tried to run and didnt fight the soldiers. That way she runs through them (I have seen this happen). Then she went down and started talking, and then the door just opened. I think that has something to do with the combines that crowded the uper area blocked the spawnpoints for the friendly soldiers, and that made alyx skip her waiting.I didnt save the demo because I thought it would be easy to reproduce, but I was wrong. I will try it again tomorrow.