http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1245737170/p2…_suga_1m54s.rarPhase one demo:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/831732659/d3_…htningx_33s.rar

ive got one trick, that in that section after u come out of house (form that room where is that depressed pair seating on a sofa) u grab a paint box and bunnyhop with it into the house right next to the fence through 2-floor window. it skips lot of soldiers, that bridge elevtaing and all that. but i think u already figured out… man that version is really starting to annoy me now…

So, are we gonna just try and not make that run of 06a any better? I could see at least a few seconds shaved off still.

i tryed it, but im so ********* lame, that i got only 0:48 looool

DemonStrate, there have been some days with no progress and no signs of someone trying to make progress.

QUOTE (DemonStrate @ Jan 19 2006, 07:39 PM)So, are we gonna just try and not make that run of 06a any better? I could see at least a few seconds shaved off still.If you manage to beat an earlier time before significant progress is made after it, your time is likely to be accepted.

wow now i got sum motivation…(meant not ironicly)

I was actually gonna start working on 6a tonight now that I’ve given up wallclipping and have some time :frowning:

If you manage to chop seconds off, we can revert to 6a.Anyways, for route planning on this map. I made a sloppy demo with a good time so you will beat me with plenty and be happy about it.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2078942515/p2…06b_o40_32s.zipIf you want to get a really good time you will have to use one of the dumpsters (trashcans?) for flying, they give a really nice boost but they are random :(. (they have to be on “their sides” to give boost)gl hf

man i worked on this 1 hour and only got 0:46 do you use other shortcut there? cus this isnt possible that i never get better time that 46…

watch my demo. Its not that of a good time either.I think 26 seconds is something to aim for, even 25 is possible.

yah id like to but i have cracked old version its a miracle that it accepted save… i cant watch anything here not one demo… ey do you have some convertor or some way to convert it into avi or something like that? if so then pls try to somhow convert it its not need urgently i just when u have free time and nothing to do, you can try it and send me…

29s, third try :lol:I can improve but I got lucky with catching that board in the air so quick and through the window very smooth.

28sLooking for 3s improvment.

27sThis run was almost perfect for myself (don’t know if others are trying), a clean swoop through the window would make it 2s faster, but that damn window is so tiny. I think it’s EXACTLY the height and width to fit, so it’s really damn hard.

very nice run, smooth and no big delays in anything.It can be beaten but it will be pretty hard I think. I dont think I can do it though.As you said, clearing the window would save 2 seconds. Its also possible to fly on the blue dumpsters and have luck with the randomness. That may save 2 seconds aswell.Anyway, I hope maximus and suga tries to beat this, I love the competition. :slight_smile:

wow there laddys, we seemed to have moved on very quick, I didnt know we finished 06a, suppose there’s no point in going back now, but we’re going to have to wait until max says he’s not doing any more on 6a, before we move on any further!edit: nevermind, just read max’s post in 06a thread.

I swear im too fat to fit through that f**king window!

well, more running will make you thinner?