I took alternate route from HL2DQ, because the strider can hit the barrel while you are in midair and you’ll die from the explosion. Anyways, we should aim for the doors, instead of going around the way. Also, we cannot gain that much speed from flying, so this map will definitely will be slower.


Is there anywhere to get a crossbow after coast5? Gronak skips it


Yep. Some supply boxes have one, i.e. the boxes at the beginning of d3_c17_10a have one.


I was playing around with this barrel, trying to find good route, and when i was in mid air barrel boosted me to those doors. So here’s the vid:


Well, we’ve seen something like this before. It’s actually a glitch called wallboost. It’s pretty random, and it mostly seems to work with the barrels. I’ve only had it twice in my life. I’ve described how this glitch works earlier in our private chat to some people:

In my theory, you get a wallboost when you jump on a weird object’s angle, and then instantly pick it up. I think we all know that when you pickup any object, the engine will force it to be near you, or atleast closer you.

We jump on a weird angle from wchich picking up the item will make it go inside you, so then the engine will try to get you out and you get a boost.



You can do early jump to the doors (this will save ~4s)
Smooth combat will save ~3s
43s with all cuts


Re-re-routed: http://www.twitch.tv/gocnak/b/396069727?t=5h29m20s

Demos “reroute-c17_05-stucklaunch” 1 and 2 in the c17 routes folder, it’s about 13 seconds or less if we do it fast enough.