http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/560947403/p2_…aximusx_14s.rarThese are the correct demos AND saved game from last map.Updated TTB: 25sSince I think we are all under agreement to move on, and Samppa has been AFK the past few days, I took the liberty of starting the thread for the next map.The best route here is to blow open the barrel in the hallway, sprintjump forward and grab a piece of metal, then fly as fast as possible over the clipbrushes and try your best not to get shot by the 3 hit kill robot spider that seems to be an aimbot. That darn spider is the toughest part of the map.After you make it through the doorway, pull out the shotgun and sprint through the corridors and down the steps. We should shotty the far box in the room with the two ammo crates, barely pass over the health + mortar and continue sprinting/bhopping down the hallways. There are only two guards we should kill, and those are the two guards running down the middle of the long hallways. They drop medkits so pick em up as you go. Oh, and I think the last room warrants shooting the ammo crate and sprintjumping next to it to pick up the health (or armor), then immediately sprintjumping into the hole.I think we should be able to make 30s on this map, but I haven’t done much testing to be sure.

Well, we should definitely be able to do better than 30s. I just finished the map and got 30s, and there is plenty of room for improvement. I take a little while to grab a piece of metal, do a decent flight (much better can be done), mess up a bunch on the hallways and stairs, and still got 30s.Maybe it’s a stretch but I’ll say 25s or under should be our goal.Some tips:1.) When you throw the barrel, throw it at the far ground, not the wall. If you throw it at the ground, the pieces will not bounce around, but will lie still. This makes them easier to grab correctly.2.) Just before the barrel hits the floor, look at it’s position. Wherever it’s facing is how the pieces of metal will be positioned on the floor.3.) When you fly towards the door, stay as close to the left buildings as you can. This minimizes the chance of the robot spider shooting you.4.) Sprint down the stairs, but when you’re turning the tight little corners of them, walk. These are the few times you’ll be able to conserve suit power, along with bunnyhopping down the two long hallways. You’ll want suit power for the last room, although it’s easy to run out at the last stairwell.

ill have a little play 2moro, doubt il be able 2 2nite.

Oh god, please stop writing like that. You are going to end up writing like that some time when you shouldnt.Anyway, maximus, will you post the next demo so we can feedback your route?

got 27s. I’ll aim for 25s.

sorry o40.

I love that demo, Its so much action. Fast flying, corridor bunnyhopping, shotgun blasting…Really nice.

haha, magzy, at least you have the style to make something fun out of my comment. :slight_smile: Keep it up.(didnt spot it at first)

hehe :smiley:

http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/572593865/p2_…aximusx_25s.rarWell I screwed up a couple times in the hallways and I could have done the beginning a little faster as well, but OMG the flight was lucky! It tossed me straight to the doorway. It’s possible to go faster, but I’m not positive I want to press my luck by getting another flight like that AND improving the beginning and end…

played. havnt watched the demo yet but its a good time! I was always shit on the flying, I either went too slow, or too high :frowning: i gave up after 20 mins.

very nice demo max, The flying part was very quick. The only downside to this is that the last box didnt break :/I think its still good because there is health in the next map.