Alot of Improvements to be done in Phase 2 for this map. First, we shouldn’t gain that much height from that gravity-gun jump, so we could get into the first hall in midair. Then, when we get to the street, we should keep the ABH speed and get into the second hall, by not getting that high again. And for the last thing, if we could manage to keep the speed, we could jump over that metrocop (where I killed him with the barrel) and continue ABH.

You must get the barrel for the next map!


Segment 118. (Been a while since I updated)

Loading from pruno’s save, continue through the map. We need that metal panel that’s on the fence, so bring it with you (Look at reroute-c17_05 demos in the c17 routes folder for reference). Goal time is sub 11 seconds, and try to take as little damage as possible.