d3_c17_03good luck guys!! quite a fun map :lol:

oh yes, forgot to say, I know we have moved on quickly, but sugas time on the last map was good enough. If Chomp or anyone else thinks they can beat it, go ahead, we can easily go back.

I hit a 16 aswell, going to try for 15, but it will be tricky to make a smooth run.

Yes, it seems you are doing a final spurt before the release :wink:

you guys seem to forgot that you must bring a piece of the exploded barrel to the next map for flying.you must pick it up like shown on this pic to get the maximum boost.

totally forgot about the barrel, is it ok with some wood, because there is a box with a mortar+wood in it at the end that could be useful.Anyway, the purpose of the wood is to fly to the left at next level into that building?

Guys, please please please post your run when you say you got a time so people can watch and learn and improve. Makes things go faster.

There is not much to it on this map. 1. Use the gravgun to jump the first fence2. Bunnyhop up the street3. Go through the narrow tunnel (crouching could be useful)4. Jump over or on the barrel and down the courtyard5. Grab’n’smash the box and take one peice of wood with you6. Enter the corridor that leads to the next map

nah, it must be the barrel because a piece of small crates doesn’t gives you boost at all. it makes about 3s difference in the next map.it’s a pain though since you must explode the barrels at once and pick it up right quickly.

We will loose more than 3 seconds by exploding a barrel and picking it up than pickung up the wood?

which is the next map? wood can give you a boost as well, its just not as easy as the bit of barrell, il have a look over both maps 2moro. cant 2nite.

I don’t think picking the barrel slows you down that much but I haven’t run this map yet so I may be wrong. I’ll start running then and let’s see how much does it cost.

ok, but keep in mind that the mortar can save seconds in the building aswell (lots and lots of combines).I guess we will find out what route is faster soon enough.

got this one (16s). I think it can be improved by a second or two. you can see I didn’t loose that much o40 :)you’ll get a mortar right after you are in the building and the combine police have weak health so shotty do a job for the next map :wink:

smooth run (until that last door)Im on your side now. make that route with 14-15 seconds and Im satisfied.

what amazes me is how lucky you are with the barrel exploding, i have done it countless times, to shoot the barrell, and either die, not find the right piece, or (more often than not) pick up the last remaining burning barrell. the only things i can help you with (as i cant seem to do the barrell pick-up.) are:when you bhop up the slightly inclined road, the right hand side is faster (or seems it comparing ur demo to mine), the only problem is you have to go between the wall and the car, which can be tricky, it also makes it harder to get into the corridor at the end.and if you do the barrell jump, you can land on the top of the fense, then jump onto (or over i think) the dumpsters.im not trying to pick fault,as its an ace run, just trying to help if you want to get 14-15s.

Whats with the save file for this map? Sugas run ended at the steps, and this loads like 10 feet away.

Actually you can vault off the barrel and land straight on the dumpster, it’s really quite fast…I would have had 14s if it wasn’t for getting a piece of anything to fly on in the next map. This map WOULD be fun if it wasn’t for that. By the way, do we really need a piece of barrel, or can we use a piece of box? Eh, I just read your comment above about it, but the pieces of barrel land randomly and all over the place.

exactly why I cant really be bothered to run the map max. dont like the randomness of picking up the barrell. it seems to stop the flow of the map as well.

I got a bunch of 16s with a piece of wood. I could get 14-15 with wood, but we need barrel…