http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1855101618/p2…1m15s_magzy.rarLet the fun begin!

I have no clue where to go, tactics or anything, so if someone could upload a route, even if its slow, just so I can follow it, that would be great.I also find it really hard to grav jump over the door thingy at the beginning (if im thinking of the right map)

the first route I came to think of was:1. Jump ot of the building down the street to the right2. Grab a blue box3. Jump towards the open area4. Fly to the right5. Exit as fast as you canBut I doubt I can do that in 19 secs

I can think of three ways.a. demo (old version)- take the small box near the gate and use it for gravjump. this is what the way I did for phase 1.b. demo- take the big box near the dumpsters while bhopping and use it for grav jump.c. demo- take the small box near the dumpsters while bhopping and use it for flying.and here is what happend when doing some practice. don’t know why it takes me up so high but maybe NPC caused this.edit:replaced c. it seems to be the fastest.

il have a look at what map it is, i think im thinking of the wrong one.will check ur demos now suga, lol.edit: ur 1st demo seems to crash my hl2 suga?

it’s an old version demo. load it with dolixy’s.


lol, had just come on to upload a 17s . pld chomp.

nice demo. it shows a good route. If you make it a little smoother you will end up with 13-14 secs :slight_smile:

I think I can only get 15, MAYBE 14s. My problem is by the box pickup, I never have the same speed. Sometimes I’m real fast, other times I’m slow and I hit walls. Then once you get through there perfectly, the box flying is kind of random because the piece isn’t flat. I only tried for like 45 mins though.

I managed to mortar jump the barricade while sprinting, but I can’t do it again. If we did this the run could be at 12s with a perfect run.

mortar jump would be cool, but have in mind that you need to gain the seconds it takes to pick that health up :)EDIT:I made 15 secs with mortar jump, 13 seconds higly possible with a “clean” run.we still got 80+20 hp when leaving the level and that seems within reason.

On the next map, right after you GGjump the fence, there is a health right there. And it takes my HP down to 80, and shield to 15-20, so we have full health right after, just short of shield and 1 mortar.

One method that might be possible (but hard due to the angle you approach the gate) is to do a ‘Dale-jump’ with the gravgun…By holding the big box with the gravgun and shooting it downwards at the same time as you jump upwards you can get enough height probably, unfortunately this is quite hard… :angry:

I have two other methods. Skip all the stuff in the alley and go for the item box right by the barricade. You have to keep bunnyhopping and take a wide angle. Then you can GGjump off the box, and with enough speed, you will hit the wall and glide against it and go over the barricade. Or you could try hitting use real quick over it to save some seconds. Mortar jump will be faster though, but just incase anyone wants to experiement.

i cant have a look / contribute to this run at the moment, and prolly wont be able to 2moro. so can we please not finish this map until at least saturday night.

I got a couple of 15 runs, if I run everything smoothly, I will get 14. But its hard to run this level on my crapy computer.

Could you post your 15s runs so other people have something to go off of?

yeah, which route do you take o40?

got 13s.I don’t think I can improve it besides I could have a bit more battery.