Sorry for this being late, but it’s been Christmas…http://files.filefront.com/p2_d2_prison_08…;/fileinfo.htmlThere has been a demo submitted by suga http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/118861786/p2_…_suga_2m29s.rar.Happy new year!


heheeeeeeey, samppa.=)


Pincus apparently “owns” c17, looking forward to seeing what he’s got in store for us.


haha, just in time :Danyway, I’ve redid the map to just include the fun lifting.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1545333542/p2…_suga_2m29s.rarI came to think we can live with the gun glitch. It’s messy to creating a save with the same situation.


I have been lazy, but here is some more of my semi accurate stats:Estimated total time: 1:43:55Elapsed time: 1:10:38Estimated time left: 0:33:17Progress: 67.971130713713%We should be able to lower the remaining 33:17 with about 4 mins so we will land on a total of <1:40:00.Im going to be a bit pushy now. I dont see any way of improving this map in time, and if there is, it wont be more than one second. Lets not stick on this map for more than maby one or two more days.BTW, I loved your demo, nice walking on their heads.


Just to say something about the next map… Don’t waste your time trying to fly over the wall that Dog opens for you. There is a large invisible wall there that you cannot go through. You can fly over (with the use of the crate on the right near the dumpster), the part were Dog lifts the car and throws it at the soldiers. Idk how this could speed up the Dog scripts (maybe if you kill all the other combine while he’s still battling the combine rocket launching car mobile). Just some speculation.Oh, also, since Cat4lYs7’s comment of:"wow, lots of new runners / testers / people by the looks of it."Ive been thinking, if you guys need me to test some things, im pretty willing to do so. I’m not the type of guy to do full runs, but i’ll test the shit out of something that you are bothered by. ‘Tester’ seems to be an accurate title for this.


you can try waiting in c17_01 for a while after alyx opened the door to the next map and see if that has something to do with the soldiers at the next level. I saw a movie where dog ran away right away at c17_02 but in that movie, the soldiers already spawned.


Okay, i tested standing there for a while; Dog just sits there and looks at you, then dances some, then sits there some more. Basically, nothing happens. Then, on the next map, d3_c17_02, i tested trying to keep Dog in the starting elevator area (you cant keep him in the actual elevator, cause he rolls out of it in the begining of the map). Somehow, i made him invisible… It seems to not have any advantage at all. Also, when you move close to the car he has to flip, it hits the script for him to run out. I blocked him in the elevator area with a soda machine. At first, he wasnt able to move out. Then it spawned him outside of that room. So, i just tried some other stuff. Nothing helps. Its seems that c17_01 and 02, will be completely straightforward. Nothing we can help to make it faster.I have a demo of what i did, but it is timely and boring. Him being invisible looks funny, but i still don’t know how i did it. The demo is too big for the uploader, so i won’t upload it unless someone really wants to see Dog invisible.PS: The image on the screen of the ‘fun TV’ is of the G-Man. It is also the device that is playing the music after the combine tower moves.


Yeah, _2 is such a basic map. There is nothing you can do, because there are clip brushes completely around the street. Sometimes in DM, you can go through brushs, but I really doubt we could do it in single player, because it is lagless.You can do a stuck jump on this map, near the car. Quickly run to the car, get the slab of concrete off the roof of the car (left one). Put it down near the end of the car on the ground, and stand on it. When Dog does his script, the car is in the concrete, creating a stuck jump. Most the time you just go backwards, and get air. Very pointless, espically due to the clip brushes.Also something wierd, if you shoot a xbow bolt at the combine car when it is being pushed by dog up the street, the bolt will, as soon as it touches the car, stop, point down, and slowly travel down. But this is pointless.There is not much to do in this level. If you find a good hiding spot, I am sure not even touching the combine would do anything.


Wow, funny how we finish prison and people come out of the woodwork :lol: Good to see, this should get a little more exciting.


I just messed around in the 02 level for a while. Got Dog to disappear again (he just get stuck on an object, in this case it was me, and then all you see is his wires). I watched that pauly video and studied it. At first i tried the use key. Then i tried the call squad key (which it more likely would have been). Its not possible to do what pauly did. He caused Dog to nearly teleport 3 times. As i noticed from the video, pauly only played that map (as in, he didnt continue from the last map). He somehow triggered the car throw trigger instantly, which causes Dog to run. Then dog teleports to his combine car tumble trigger. Then, for some reason, Dog runs away, then teleports back to open the door. Makes absolutely no sence to me. Also, when we run this map, just shoot the combine car once with the bolt gun, for good taste. Its funny to see it fall slowly straight into the ground. In a few of my other attempts, I managed to have Dog nearly throw me places, but it wasnt useful at all. Dog’s scripting is just generally bad. He crushed me multiple times to the wall, and i couldnt move or when i did move it instantly killed me by shooting me at the ground a million miles per hour. I think the pauly run is a hoax, but if someone contacts him and finds out how he possibly did it, have fun recreating it.PS: There is an unused part of the map that has a large road corner with half of a boat (like the half of the boat in Lost Coast) on it. Why would there be half of a boat on a road???


because the combine were preparing for heavy rain?edit: Im fine with moving on, I havnt tried this map, and wouldnt want to show suga up ( :lol: ), so move on as far as im concerned.edit:edit: Could we have a topic made with a list of people who are actively helping with the project, perhaps with just lists of -runners,-ex-runners,-testers,-trickers(?)-admins / moderatorsjust thought It might be useful, and cool. :smiley:


What are testers? And who is admin/mod? And we are all trickers, im sure like most of use we just don’t post the demos. Also, offtopic here, but www.hl2dmpro.com is a great mod, you should all play :smiley:


QUOTE Ive been thinking, if you guys need me to test some things, im pretty willing to do so. I’m not the type of guy to do full runs, but i’ll test the shit out of something that you are bothered by. ‘Tester’ seems to be an accurate title for this. - tester.Samppa who hasnt been involved in the running much wud be admin / mod, as would Tamale have been if they were still around.Dsailor would be a “tricker” as as far as I know he hasnt done any running, but has contributed some tricks. k?


did anyone talk to pauly?EDIT:Move on to the next map if noone has any suggestions on how to speed up the lab part.


about script breaking, quote from google cache:QUOTE Posted by: Pauly Dec 23 2004, 11:41 PMI got 1:07 on d3_c17_02.http://www.hl2dq.tngamer.com/upload/d3_c17…pauly_1m_7s.demNew trick- seems to be a bug with the scripting sequence with dog. I have only been able to get it to work a few times.lol lolhe said “a few times” so it could be recreated. it’s possible it has been fixed by updates though.DemonStrate, NPCs turning to invisible happens commonly. I think when you stop recording or play back the demo, it gets back to normal.


Ahhh…, k. I don’t record demos often.


heh. nice work btw. keep testing :)I’ve got so close to pass through the wall but always get stucked. maybe it’s possible with a different object or some special control.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2139652335/su…c17_02_wall.rar


i think we should move on, because everyone seems to run the next map already and i dont think we can improve this map very much.


QUOTE I’ve got so close to pass through the wall but always get stucked. maybe it’s possible with a different object or some special control.What if you held grabbed the box from the corner so there is a longer space in which the box is pushing you? Have it angled 45 degrees from what it is now. (I had no luck with this, but I didn’t try very long. I just got stuck like you did).Or maybe if you could get one of those dumpsters at the start placed so the dumpster pushes the box which pushes you this might be able to do it. I was never able to get the dumpster in place fast enough because you can’t simply grab it with the gravity gun. Getting it in the right place would probably take luck anyway, and maybe the physics don’t work the way I hope.