Haven’t really looked into it, but I found this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15635035/demos.rar


In reply to a question someone asked me, this is how I got the chair to spd me.
Again, haven’t looked into it. You don’t need to wallclimb while that thing is moving up, you can just put it on there and stand on it.

With bonus.


Awesome! We should really use this SPD chair in phase2. It may save loads of precious time.


Turns out it wasnt the SPD Chair which boosted you up. If you look closely, you can see you’ve landed on an Orb which Combine launched. I was reading HL2DQ Commentary once again, and I found a trick where you can boost yourself with orb if you land on the right angle of it. Hope we can replicate it.


I even put that in description. Fact is the chair can be SPD’ed.


Oh, sorry. My bad :smiley:


Good luck controlling that type of POWA.


Good luck going through the ceiling in that city 17 map


Yeah. We’re not SPDing. We’re doing another miniature citadel_04. Check it out.


That route was fantastic. nice job.


I want this map.


I think everyone wants this map


I want the last segment with the orbs pls.