http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2127736985/p2…imusx_1m57s.rarLAST MAP!!!Begin discussion for the last map of the project!By the way, in the map times thread, the “total time so far” and “maximum total time” are off by 10s. If anyone could bother to figure out where we messed up, please let us know :slight_smile:


Should we make a “non moving” segment or is it easy to pull the teleport alyx part off?Waiting through that dialogue is a pain.


I haven’t played around with teleporting Alyx yet, or tested much on this map. We should definitely segment, as we will end up flying into the elevator shaft and doing a no-damage fall, and that + teleporting will be tough.Not to mention whatever method we choose to get to the top of the level. Does anyone have a demo showing how to kill breen before he gets close to the top though (it doesn’t matter if we have to hit triggers near the top first).EDIT: Oh, I understand what you mean now. No, I think we should be able to teleport and no-damage fall in one segment even with an annoying wait. I may end up taking that back, but we’ll see.


nice citadel_04_p2 run max. it was cool passing through those dull combines :Pit’s needless to say but I couldn’t pull off another orbjump.now for the finale map.Option’s demo collection.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/689352852/bre…ctor_3_hits.rarhttp://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2009016874/br…ground_tele.rarhttp://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/17642522/bree…x_teleports.rarI think we use ground tele to teleport Alyx to the elevator, and the chair to teleport her to the forcefield. I’ve tried ground tele for a while but I couldn’t managed it at all. I think it’s a bit overkill to do the dialogue part and tele+elevator part in one segment. not sure though.


This route will put us somewhere near 4:22+1:45+25 (to explosion) perhabs.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/494018819/breenroute.zipI didnt include the first waiting demo.Anyway, the route is fairly easy and I dont think there is a need for a segmentation in this map. But still, waiting 4:22 on each try is a bit annoying.Until we get shot by breen there isnt anything to improve. We just need someone with a good sense of looking at the right places for a good vid.p2: I didnt manage to teleport alyx, I tried options way several times but I never got it right. In this demo I just stand beside her so she will run instead.I fly up the elevator shaft, I dont know if it saves time, the dialogue seems the same. Its still a easy and fun thing to do. I didnt know at this point that you could teleport alyx after the elevator shaft. That might shave some seconds off.I get the gravgun and follows breen down the shaft, the chair opposed to the statues doesnt disappear.The chair is really good for flying, I get stuck in a few objects on the way up so time can be saved here. I go for the trigger as fast as I can. Still, I misplaced the chair for p3.p3:get the chair and fly to mid. (Or jump the railings, but I had so much bad luck so I took a little flight instead.) Grab orbs, shoot orbs, kill breen.I needed a few more than option so I guess there is stuff to aim at aswell.When do we stop counting the timer in this one, since we can move after the explosion.


If you stop timing when the player loses control (i.e. when the crosshair disappears), then you can save about 35s on the phase 1 demo.Managed to clip through first elevator:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1819693697/br…evator_clip.rarDon’t know if its possible to do that with the other elevator, though.


hehe, nice physics deformation in those object you had there. I guess you can do nastier stuff with elevators than with doors.If you use the chair in the doorway to the elevator when it closes it gets different sometimes. (I lost the ability to fly it once)EDIT:Do you think one segment with the “non moving part” and one segment with a moving part is alright?the only hard thing in this map is hitting the teles and minimising the orbs at breen, and I think that can be done in one segment. Or do you guys have any hard tricks up your sleeves?


7m24m, three segments.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/394868528/p2_…_suga_7m24s.rarI used normal method for the first teleport. the second teleport was messy but it’s ok as long as Alyx stands by the forcefield before Breen’s dialogue is done.o40:don’t know about segmenting, but I don’t think I can get teles and decent flying & orbing (?) at the same time. I’m sure max can do better than me though :slight_smile:


woooooow!! glad i came back! have been consumed by fking wow for the last month or whatever, which is why i havnt been running (or doing much else :S ) nice work guys, might see if i can leave my shaman for a bit and see if i can still run.


Wow, breen died fast…First of all, our actual time in that map is lower because that time includes credits, and according to SDA time is measured from while you’re able to move. We might even be able to get away with not including all time after the explosion.Second, only a few things I think might be able to use some work, since this is the last map and all.1.) We should be able to make your p1 and p2 into one segment, since there’s only two real teleports in that time (and lots of waiting). The flying part isn’t really important how fast we do it, since the elevator is going down, and therefore we should be able to do that everytime.2.) The second teleport took a half second too long I think, if that’s avoidable we should try to optimize that. We don’t HAVE to use the chair to do it by the way, if there’s a better object we can take two objects with us.3.) For the trip up to the top of the map in p3, I’m not positive, but we might want to test out being object boosted to the top. I’ve only done it a few times by accident, never tried to do it on purpose yet. Here’s a demo of what I mean:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/369441313/d3_…jectboosted.rarIt has something to do with the same properties that get you horizontal speed with brute acceleration, I think. I basically was just holding in forwards and jump while I was stuck against the wall when it happened.


maby you can physdeform it like bandit did on the brick on some ravenholm map. with the super ggun we should even deform it more.


It seems to me it should be ok to stop the timer at the point when the game will complete itself without any more user input.But since the ending has to be demoed that might be kind of a gray area…


well I can’t stand that long dialogue and I’m not good at teleport (1st tele is kinda easy but 2nd is hard), so I leave p1 to you :PI didn’t include credits in timing. I stopped timing when crosshair and hud disappeared.according to SDA rules:QUOTE For games without timers, a simple measure of real time is used. When the player first gets control of the game’s charcter, timing begins. At the end when control is lost, even if that’s after a ‘death blow’, the timing stops. For segmented runs, timing stops at the first system-dependent activity, usually this is the actual saving. On loads the time either starts at entering a password or when character control is gained. For runs over 3 hours, the seconds are dropped because by that point the slight variations in VCR playback speed can be large.I think the explosion appears to be ‘death blow’, doesn’t it?hey mag wb :smiley:


In Half-Life they stop timing after you teleport out of the boss room, even though you can still technically move around and look at stuff. I suspect it’s the same way with Half-Life 2, the timing ends when the slow-mo explosion happens.


then it’s likely we end timing at the explosion. hmm we should ask marsh for his timing.


Screw it. The whole 4 minute wait before even getting a chance to do the teleports with a chair is a little more annoying than I thought. Let’s keep suga’s run and call this project FINISHED!Using the same end point to stop the timer as the HL1 run, suga’s time on this map is 6:49. Is anybody else attempting any of the parts of this map? The p1 time is obviously unbeatable as you can’t move anyway, the p2 time is not PERFECT but more than adequate, and the p3 time is great.


I agree. Well done suga. Just watched the demos. p3 was awesome. Lets call this Finished. Well played all.


MaximusX said it:QUOTE The p1 time is obviously unbeatable as you can’t move anyway, the p2 time is not PERFECT but more than adequate, and the p3 time is great.Nice runs Suga!Project: HL2DQStatus: Run completed! :stuck_out_tongue: Good work everyone! Now she’s complete :slight_smile:


omfg, cant believe its finished!! :Dcongratz to EVERYONE who helped out!!


I’ve been following this for a while but I’ve never posted, and I have to say that it looks brilliant. Really fantastic job guys!