This is the second longest map (phase one time for d3_breen_01 is 7 seconds more). The journey has taken over an hour so far…http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/745877155/p2_…_suga_3m57s.zip

If it is the map I think it is, its quite scary… sooky and shit. Completely black besides red flares and yellow combine soldier eyes.- Gordon

Suga showed a demo that you just bhop passed all them and SMG nade the 3 by the stairs. Go up the stairs and alyx will follow. It’s pretty easy to do without even getting hit.

Yeah. I played this map two days ago. Thats pretty much what I did. Even if you don’t smg nade, after about 10 seconds, alex just appears at the top of the stairs.- Gordon

Does she appear at the same time or is it a bit random?

random. sometimes she keeps shooting forever until she kills all combines. so I think we should save and split the map when she appears in the shortest possible time.

really, hmm, the other part of the map isnt that hard and there isnt much places to save time on.Ill hope this map wont be splitted.

Alyx is already random enogh and there are some teleporting you must do.I’m gonna try a SS first then, and see if it’s possible.

7m54s (32s+7m22s).http://files.filefront.com/p2_d2_prison_08…;/fileinfo.htmlo40 there’s no way I can do this map in one segment :confused: It took about a hundred tries to make the part one alone, and the part two also did nearly the same or more.I teleported only where it’s necessary, which means I didn’t when the character gets to the position before the dialogue is done or when it doesn’t save more than 0.5s or so.

well, split the map.You got my approval (if that means anything). Im just happy that you will do this map, because I think its a bit boring.Tomorrow I will go to visit my parents so I will be gone for a week or so. If you are out of prison by then, I would be really happy. :slight_smile:

is anyone still running this map?if not i suggest to move on.

I think we should move on, this map is soo boring and Suga’s is pretty good.

I think its funny how you guys keep getting bored with this strain of maps. Hehe. No new time saving methods are being discussed for this map. It seems safe to say to continue on.

It’s really quiet here.

yeah, hopefully it will take off again at 2nd or something, if we all survive the nuclear war.

It’s not new year yet where I live.

People are probably visiting relatives and such…but 2006 the HL2DQ video WILL be released!

I plan to run every map for hours until I can get my best that DON’T involve teleporting! I can’t do it! Hopefully we get a few more dedicated runners besides the ones doing it now.

Happy New Year =)