http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1401720029/p2…_suga_1m21s.zipIf anyone is still running the previous map, speak out now!


two more to go to c17 :)ok here’s a plan for this map.I’m not sure we should split this map, and where is the best point to save if we are going to split.demos:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/202459003/d2_…_07-08_plan.zippart1:bhop over the forcefield. yeah right, you don’t even need the shotty boost to jump over the forcefield. it needs a bit of luck since hl2 bunny is so random.continue bhop to the door, and break the box with shotty while bhopping.you shouldn’t sprint when going down stairs because it makes you bump your head.part2:sprintjump along the pipes.shoot a mortar to the boxes and pull the metallic shelf with the gravgun. I took the box with batteries but it was unnecessary.part3:kill the guard on the second floor while falling to the first floor, and set up all the turrets as quick as possible so it triggers the rush sequence fast.kill the other two guards and pick up ammo.do a gravjump or flying to the safe room. then wait a couple of minites without any harm.part4:kill the two guards immediately when Alyx starts to say “ok gordon I’m gonna leave off here and catch up with you…”. it’s 51 seconds from when she says “we must have hit a motherlode of soldiers…”. so put your clock nearby :slight_smile: it’s good to manipulate the guards to be close with each other like the demo.charge yourself until Alyx shows up. stop charging and make apperence for a second when she shows up, then resume charging.teleport her to the console with a piece of woods.I think it’s a case again that you can’t teleport her when she’s running. so I charged fully while letting her go.because it’s somewhat continuous, I post a plan for the first part of the next map.d2_prison_08_part1:just avoid guards throughout the big room, then wait a while at the bottom of the stairs next to the console room. when it get quiet, go up the stairs and hope Alyx to come up. it doesn’t work always though.it’s faster than eliminate guards then teleport Alyx, because she stands still for about 5 seconds after you eliminate enemys.


I tried putting a box where she lands after the turret area but the boxes just slips. Maby I need a smaller ammobox to make alyx stand on it when she lands.If this map should be splitted I suggest splitting it just before the turret area.EDIT:I tried making Alyx stick inside a barrel when she jumps down but its slower than just smacking her head with some wood.I cant figure any more stuff out on this part. Anyway, nice find at the next map that you didnt need to kill the soldiers.


it’s actually the way LX did in his phase one demo :)yeah somewhere around the stairs before the turret area should be good to save at. I’m gonna try some if I can manage to do this map in one segment first.


4m38s in one segment.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/876450573/p2_…_suga_4m38s.zipit still can be improved some. it’s tough to do all in one segment though.


Hi everybody !Still watching you guys going towards the end of the game ! 1 month remaining and it will surely be done :DGood luck, don’t release the pression :slight_smile:


I highly doubt we get this done in this year. but I hope it speeds up progress a bit when we get to c17.anyway, here’s two segmented one. 5s faster and looks better than old one.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/577568825/p2_…_suga_4m33s.zipI think we can move on with this because it seems no one else is running this map.


Im going to watch the demo for validation.hmm, hl2 updates :/EDIT:The demo looks smooth enough for me. In the movie I think it should be edited with “2 minutes later” at the waiting part. It was pretty boring to watch :wink:


heh there’s nothing I could do for killing time. we didn’t get a crawbar so no fun painting :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried that map several times - I find it very hard to do the whole thing in one part. I think I wait until the next map …


well, on to the next map then. Have you figured the route out ? I guess there wont be that much to do, or, maby you can cheat that tele.


I messed around with the teleportation by using flying or noclip etc, but it’s triggered by time so I think it can’t be skipped.


You could have painted with the primary ammo for the machingun, we don’t use that ;PHave you guys experimented with things in this map, like for instance seeing if killing all of the guards as fast as possible is faster than just waiting? Or running ahead of Alyx when she opens the iron bars after the waiting scene?Also, has anyone experimented with pushing through iron bars (or I guess any wall for that matter) with the gravgun and a big object? I only mention this because I got stuck halfway through some bars without God mode when I was running prison_05. It was at the part where you skip the antlion queen and crawljump/blast your way through the small hole in the bars, where the dumpster is. I don’t know what I did but I must have got caught on the dumpster or something as I ended up stuck in the bars after I blasted it. It sort of threw me forward a little…That could really come in handy if we found a glitch like that :)Also, on the next map, there’s a few things that may or may not come in handy. I had brought turrets with me from the previous level, so I could set up 6 turrets instead of 3. I had thrown them all at the platform up top (which I think is a good waiting area if we have to wait, btw), and stacked filing cabinets and barrels to get up there. Well anyway, I’m not completely positive where I got them, but later on I loaded from a previous saved game so I could bring even more turrets with me to the final fight in prison, and for some reason when I got to the final room it kept registering NPC’s as enemies. I put the turrets down to listen to the dialogue, and as Eli rolled down the wires in his little prison box, the turret shot at and killed him and he fell out of the box (through the walls). It was funny and surprising at the same time. What I’m wondering is, can we use this to skip the waiting in some way? What happened for me was all the other NPC’s froze and didn’t continue with their dialogue, but what if there’s a better place to kill an NPC at? Also, again, is it faster or the same amount of time to kill the enemies as fast as possible, rather than waiting?By the way, I’m writing from home and have no HL2 here, just so ya know. Won’t be able to post as much as before though.


Hum, I’ve made a demo to show how I take turret, I use one metal table to stuck combine on one way, it work :slight_smile: HereAnd we must wait that the tele go down, we just have to take turret and wait, no way to cheat that tele :’(



Here’s a demo of another way to get over the forcefield at the beginning. Could save like 1 second if executed well, but the other way keeps your momentum when going down the left hall. Just something to experiment with. (don’t mind my horrible running, I haven’t been playing this game at all, just trying to find shortcuts for the better runners :stuck_out_tongue: )Edit: oops, here it is…http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/701315096/p2_…homp_window.rar


About the 2 minutes waiting, I don’t think a “2 minutes later” in the final movie would be a great idea.People watching speedruns wants to see a whole game played by a player like them, not a movie !:wink:


Ad&Hoc, since he is standing still, the filesize wont be that much larger by 2 minutes of the same picture. So I guess its ok to have it there.


QUOTE You could have painted with the primary ammo for the machingun, we don’t use that ;Pyeah I’ve thought about using the smg but it spreads too much and makes painting ugly, so I didn’t bother with it.also manipulating the guards and teleporting Alyx in good shape were hard to get. I didn’t want to do painting again and again every time I fail :stuck_out_tongue:


QUOTE Have you guys experimented with things in this map, like for instance seeing if killing all of the guards as fast as possible is faster than just waiting? Or running ahead of Alyx when she opens the iron bars after the waiting scene?it’s timed. I tested it with god mode but the guards spawn infinitely.if you run far ahead of Alyx and enter the next map, she gets kinda lost and stands still for about 5 seconds so it’s actually slower than following her.