http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/772659014/p2_…05_suga_35s.zipNow this is going to be a long map…

I’ll probably be working on this one as it has a lot of teleporting, but I will still be pretty busy, so anyone that wants to get the hang out of this tedious trick feel free.

you should watch marsh’s 6:05 demo (43.dem) as it is far better than my phase 1 demo.http://speeddemosarchive.com/HalfLife2.htmlI made a quick walkthrough focused on the combat.part1:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/181968922/sug…on_06_part1.zipthe full charged pistol glitch shot for quick kill.part2:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1209353401/su…on_06_part2.zipnothing special. you don’t have to hurry too much because Alyx is slow. you can use all the mortars in this part because you get another two at the room next to the Eli conversation room.part3:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1037569988/su…on_06_part3.zipyou can use a mortar to break the shelf as you get one at the monitor room.part4:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1074513607/su…on_06_part4.zipthis part is a bit hard. you should aim the orb at the shotty guy in the back because most of the damage you take is caused by him.after that, it is a mortar fest :smiley: you get another two at the end so you don’t have to worry about using mortars.

btw, is it possible to teleport Alyx when she is in “following freeman” mode?

if you put a big object (as a box) on a “spawnpoint” for a enemy, will he spawn when triggered ? I know it probably wont be used anywhere but it might work at some places.EDIT:Nice walkthrough.How do the pistol bug work ?

quote from the random site I got with googling.QUOTE press and hold mouse2, then press and hold mouse1.let it “charge” for a few seconds (wait about 15 seconds for full effect)let go of mouse2, and you will fire the entire clip at once.no idea about spawning :expressionless:

a little trick.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1496230098/su…t_crawljump.zipsaves about 1 sec :wink:

erm. iv got a demo just focused on the fighting, but I cant upload it coz its just over “2 million bytes” its 2 089 kilobytes :S

I’m pretty sure the pistol attack isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.By the way, we’re going to be doing more than just fighting, there will also be teleporting. I think we should:Part I1.) Break the ammobox while moving on level start, take a piece and continue on as fast as possible until you reach Alyx. 2.) Teleport her to the door, then teleport her through the room. 3.) Switch to pistol, charge, and when the you have the first chance, shoot the far guard with the loaded pistol, then sprintjump into the room and kill the two other guards with the shotgun. 4.) Break one of the boxes, take a piece, and teleport Alyx into the room if she hasn’t already ran into it.5.) Teleport Alyx from the left to the center of the room, then teleport her to the console (that opens the door).6.) I’m not positive how to handle the next part. One idea is to throw a nade just before she opens the shield into the stairway, then teleport Alyx forward a little, run ahead, and clear the upstairs area. I don’t think we want to use a mortar here, but we might be able to make a good shot with secondary pulse rifle to clear the right area (lots of wall bouncing action to raise the chances of killing all combine to the right), then sprintjump to the left and clear the left guard with a shotgun.7.) Break a box and teleport Alyx the rest of the way, including any walking around done in the long dialogue with Eli.8.) This next part is more waiting. We can take our time and clear the little room through the door to the left, getting whatever is inside the ammobox. Afterwards, I think we should go to the waiting room (where Alyx opens the door), and save the game. There’s some more tricky stuff to come and I think it’s a little overkill to have to do all of it in one part.–Part II1.) Throw a nade between the bars into the next room, breaking the shelf and hopefully the airduct grate. If not we can whip out the shotgun and break it as we move in the next step.2.) Take out the machinegun or pulse rifle, go to the soda machine, then crawljump into the airduct and blast away at the headcrabs as you keep your speed.3.) When you get to the end of the airduct, I haven’t tested this enough, but I think shooting the grate with the gravgun should knock it into the tripmine, setting it off before you get to it. Could be wrong though.4.) Evade the headcrabs until Alyx opens the door. I don’t think we’ll have enough time without losing time to open the far ammobox.5.) I’m going through this from memory, so I might be wrong about this, but I think the next part leads to the nadebox room. If so, we should +use the nadebox and open the ammobox, then immediately exit the nadebox room and throw a nade between the bars.6.) Take out a shotgun and rush through what’s left of the infested room ahead, blast through the combine in the way in the next room, then take out the machinegun and mortar the powerbox.7.) Rush ahead and out the exit.I hope we’re not missing any possible shortcuts or glitches in these levels by automatically choosing the “normal” way and not trying for strange wallclips, etc o_O

Here is a demo showing some alternate ways to kill the guards, havnt looked at suga’s demos, havnt read max’s comments, so this demo might be obsolete. stilll, might give some ideas

cat:nice one. it looks cooler than mine and saves ammo so it might be better to use grenades. it’s a bit hard for me to kill both of the guards at once though.max:they removed the pistol glitch for hl2dm. I don’t know why they leave it for sp.I tested what I can do with teleporting for a while, but I can’t get it working when Alyx is running to the elevator on the first floor, and when she is running to the third floor after she opens the forcefield. maybe I just suck at teleporting but did anyone succeed?

I tried briefly suga, but I really found it hard / next to impossible, especially as she was running, i found that it was easier just to let her go on her own.

Heh, yeah, teleporting is tough to get used to, which is why I’ve been the only one to play teleporting maps so far (besides trainstation_01) ;PIt’s just something you have to get used to, and is rather tedious. That’s why I suggest splitting this map at the gate I pointed out in my last post.

I have no problem teleporting when people are walking, i just have (never!) done it while they are running!!

It’s possible. Besides, there’s only a few running teleports needed in the first segment…

which are?

Teleport her through the room, teleport her to the stairs, MAYBE a teleport into the locked room, and uh, I think she runs when she goes to the last console, not sure though.

I can teleport her when she’s runnning to the forcefield, and when she’s running into the Eli room. otherwise I can’t when she’s running :(you might have to take this part, max :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m leaving for home around Tuesday, where I’ll have no computer for a quarter and possibly much much longer. Meanwhile, I have an Operating Systems lab due tomorrow, an Assembly lab (which is basically the entire grade for the course) due next Tuesday, and 3 finals I have to study for over the weekend.I think the time I’ll have for speedrunning, all things included, will be minimal ;/I’ll try to get a run in if I can at some point, but I think it’s good for you guys to get a better handle on teleporting, since it will definitely be used on later maps where I won’t be here anyway.

ah thats pretty shit max :o .can someone who has/can view the older demos tell me how long it takes marshmallow 2 get 2 the door after the chat with eli? the one where my demo stops. or just tell me a target time for reaching that door? just so I know how much I need to improve if i attempt this run.