nice, very good pallet flying.

what about a abh slopejump on the the lying cylinder @ 00:11 thus skip the stair?


I was thinking that as well, it looks possible with the magic of ABH-speed.


Nope this is impossible to do with ABH because to do that trick you need:
1.face the cylinder
2.no crouching

1.face the cylinder - no 1.face the cylinder - yes
2.no crouching - no 2.no crouching - no
3.speed - yes 3.speed - yes

1.face the cylinder - yes
2.no crouching - yes
3.speed - yes


You can do the last ABH uncrouched, and then crouch in the air. That’ll give you enough height. You don’t have to face the barrel.



Funny thing, I was trying that for a while and I kept getting enough air to go OVER the fence, but it seems the rail on the staircase sends you straight up, stopping you from doing so. It might be possible.



Going straight over would of course be the best, but for now I say we can let this segment rest. The important part is we do something like that in Phase 2, if possible.


See the 091example demo in HL2OB root for route. End the segment after doing the cylinder hop and landing on the ground.


Here’s an explanation of the route. Goal time is a low 13 seconds.