Unless someone wants to beat suga’s time, it’s time to move on to the next map. Besides, the previous map was such a short map, so there is no point in spending a lot of time running it.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/915524145/p2_…04_suga_11s.zip

Agreeed.Anyway, here is a route suggestion for prison_05[Here was a bad link]The new file with the correct contentIt contains cool stuff and not so cool stuff.Part1: Strafejumping can be done smoother and you can keep all health.Part2: Just jumping through the corridors. Dont know how to keep as much health as possible.Part3: I suck at this part, cant decide what to do. The huge block of wall that is in the holw you crawled through makes a good thing to throw at the soldiers. (I didnt do that in the demo). We also have this one mortar left, this might be the place ?Part4: I just finished this off because I wanted to see if you could survive this route. There is some boxes with cool stuff inside on the right when going through the narrow gates, but I forgot to pick them up.All and all its 46 seconds. (And can be improved for at least 5 seconds if its runned smoothly)

ehhh, no.I don’t know why, but in your .zip file is suga’s prison_04 run and no route for prison_05!?!?!

I screwed up with the file, dont know how it happened.Well, the link is updated to the proper files.At the moment, I can do the run from the beginning to the “gas room”. Im not sure why it explodes sometimes and sometimes not.Maby you cant shoot in there. I tried shooting the window with the gravgun instead and I think it helps some.As far as the last part. I hate it. I never get those soldiers away with the gravgun and the gravgun should be the fastest way to get rid of them.

nice one o40 :slight_smile: we got another cool ramp jump there.I think we shouldn’t worry about using a mortar as there is a box with a mortar (if we don’t have one) at the start of the next map.

Hmm, but what enemy should get the mortar. the 2 turrets and 2 combines or the 2 combines at the next floor ? Suga, have you figured the “gas room” out ? maby if you are quick so the 2nd turrent dont see you. It might be it that ignites the gas.EDIT:I found a better route for the first part. Saves health and possibly time.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/612600696/p2_…5_new_part1.zipIts a bit harder though. :frowning:

I maked a run:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1727627865/p2…rkdevil_44s.zipOnly 44s :(i hate that map.

I didnt mean that we should split the map. That was just route suggestions.

o40:hmm, maybe one mortar and one rocket for each? I don’t know if there will be a situation we need to keep the rockets untill then. the safest is the way dark_devil did in his demo but without a rocket shot as it wasn’t neccesary. in addition, you can avoid the two guards on the top without getting hit but it’s pretty rare I think.about the gas room, I think it is the lying one causing the gas ignited so it’s a matter of luck :(a new trick for part 4. it’s a bit random because the terrain is complicated.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1374924948/su…5_ramp_exit.zip

I wont be running this map this weekend because I have a visitor coming. I hope someone else makes a fairly good run because I really dislike this map.

Alyx is waiting for you in the next map, so there is a chance we have to find an object that suits well for teleporting in this map. I’m not sure though as I’m not pro at teleporting.

Good point. the box at the end of the map will do fine. (or in the beginning of the next)

What you mean with teleporting?EDIT: Why is TTB 46s? o40 Maked only a route suggestion

We should be able to beat 46 seconds anyway :)DD, if you watch any old demo with NPCs you will notice that there is a way to teleport them to their next waypoint with help from a “flat” object.I think you can do a pretty cool stunt to skip some dialogueat the next map, not sure if that will work.EDIT:I tried blocking the waypoint that we was going to teleport to but then she froze at her current location until the waypoint cleared.You can achieve this on the next map by putting the crate where she lands and you stand infront of the “door controls”.

I think it’s better to just use a piece of the crate at the beginning of prison_06/end of prison_05. Blocking isn’t quite the same thing as teleporting, it just pushes her to where she would have been.

max, if you try putting a crate where she lands on the next map you will see that she will jump to the next location the same time as she starts to move.

How i can teleport NPC’s?

i think there’s alot of teleporting in d1_trainstation_05, check out that demo and read what o40 said in this thread.

I can’t watch old demo’s :(And i tryied to place a create where Alyx land, and doesn’t work, she’s jumping through out the create.

Hmm, she warps forward when I do that. Well, we can discuss that on the next map.EDIT:Had 10 minutes to kill, so here is a demo of what I talked about. It saves a second or two because you dont have to wait for her to walk.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1704922589/NPC_warp.zip