Save files herehttp://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/899299269/p2_…03_suga_26s.zipEDIT: Thanks o40 :slight_smile:


is the link broken or is it just me ?PROPER LINK: http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/899299269/p2_…03_suga_26s.zipaaand, the time to beat is:drumroll13 seconds.But its possible to do 10 seconds (or even nine if jumping with the barrel)


The time to beat is 18 seconds.But the jump with the barrel is very hard, i never got to the highest part with the barrel. You must do a perfect jump.Max]I[muS-X tell us please how you do that high gravjump’s, which kicks you up to the roof.


I made the map in 13 seconds but had a few minor screwups. I can upload the demo if you like.


Why not? :slight_smile:


because it isnt that nice demo, 2nd part is very slow :slight_smile:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1339660176/d2…_04_o40_13s.zipAnyway, if you set a good time on this map, be sure to copy the autosaves fast because there is a autosave in this map when you press the button or close in that area.Improvements to this demo:1a. Use the barrel instead of the radiator (equals really hard)1b. Jump directly to the radiator from the barrel. 2. Bunnyhop through the narrow corridors.3. Press the button before shooting the turret (if that saves time) because it takes a second for the gate to open anyway.the last part in my demo is good because its easy ;)Some semi-accurate stats:Estimated total time: 1:46:17Elapsed time: 0:51:52Estimated time left: 0:54:25Progress: 48.800376352517%We are closing in on 1:45 pretty quick, these last 2 maps shaved lots of time off from the phase1 times.If you think the progress is slow or small its all due to the “waiting maps” that are up ahead.


Aarrghh, that radiatorjump is a bicth. When I nail it good I get so surprised that I mess the rest of the run up :frowning:


How you make so high gravjump’s?What i must press first?Jump or shot?Please tell me.


11s with the radiator :slight_smile:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/915524145/p2_…04_suga_11s.zipdark_devil:pressing duck right before you jump helps a lot.found a nice guide about hl2dq tricks although it’s a bit outdated.http://members.shaw.ca/notes/HL2_Trick_Guide.htm


Thanks a lot suga, it really helps me :slight_smile:


suga, at the beginning of prison_03 it might help to switch to shotgun and continue bhopping from the start of the map, get close enough to the mortar to grab it while turning, then just duckjump into the top crate and blast it as you get close. That and not hitting the gate when bhopping past are the only very noticable delays in the demo. Don’t know if you’re interested in running that map anymore though. As for hitting the roof with the barrel, it is the same concept as turbo ups. The object kind of pushes into you while you’re both midair, and if it’s done right (it is rare) it will propel you upwards fast. I think it’s something similar to some of the tricks done on nev’s site (noobiestyle.com), but of course not the exact same, as those tricks don’t work in single player.


aaarrghhm, I just spent one hour and got 12s, and I come here to see a 11secs. Well, I give up on this one :)suga, are you going for less ? (I think the pace of hl2dq is up and runnign again so if there is little chance of saving one more seconds I think its worth moving on instead so this project will be finished.)EDIT:You should get on IRC or something so we can chat about the progress and tricks.(or icq or msn)


Can you show it in a demo how you do that gravjump to the roof?


Wow, I didn’t even realize I was posting in the prison_04 thread. I didn’t even realize there was one! I’ll have to check out the 26s prison_03 demo :D.DD, I don’t know if there is a specific way to make it everytime, I just got it by attempting a gravjump off the barrel everytime.


haha, why is “everyone” too lazy to log in nowadays ? ;)btw, max’x, show your barreljumpingskills now and set a 9 or 10 second run so we can move on :)rush rush…


I’m in class right now and yeah, a little lazy :PBy the way, in my last post, what I meant to say was I got the barreljump by trying it over and over again. It’s just something random that happens. I’ll try to run this map when I get out of class, as it seems pretty small and shouldn’t be TOO time consuming.


it is timeconsuming because of the randomness with the barrel and the 2 combines.well, I think we should go for 10 seconds and settle with that. (If someone makes 10seconds )


I just watched the 11s demo. Why would you want to do the gravjump off of the barrel? It’s like 2 feet closer than the radiator. Not to mention, the trick I was talking about I did when the barrel was standing upright. It’s probably possible lying down, but probably more difficult too.Other than the fact that he could have started bhopping earlier once he was on the highest level (he sprinted for a bit first then sprintjumped, he should have just sprintjumped from a standstill then bhopped the rest of the way), I can’t think of any improvements to this demo.


I’m satisfied with the 11s one personally so I think I’m done with it.


Ya it is fine, pretty solid, I’m comfortable with it as well. Good stuff :smiley: