In 2 segments here. Does the button-press through the ceiling still work? I couldn’t get it to work, so I made this route as a substitute.


This is so cool!! I dont think it may work anymore. Orangebox patched it all :frowning:


yeah I think it’s patched. Tried for a few hours and couldn’t get it to work :frowning:

still a very nice route though.


Alrighty. 086.

This segment is getting to the double doors past the antlion guard. There’s a SMG nade on the ground at the start, and way more than enough health in the boxes near the double doors that the guard breaks. There will also be a health kit on the crate (assuming we do it right) at the start of 087 for us to grab to bring us up to 100 hp.

Yes, yes it does. A little slower than DQ’s way but still beats going the way around.


Current segment is 087.

Continue from my save and grab a med kit as you go through the door. ABH around the corner and grab either a barrel or a box and Schrodinger’s crouch to hit the button through the roof. Goal time is mid to low 7 seconds.

No HP loss is preferred but if you take a little damage it’s no big deal. We restock on health in the next segment.