Seems like nVa forgot to post a new topic. :wink:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/39539802/p2_d…rkdevil_29s.zip[QUOTE]


d2_prison_03 is a hard map, because there are many combine soldiers.Maybe we can do it in two segments, then i can make the first segment. It end’s when i push the button from below. I think the first segment can i do in 22s-24s. Then someone can make the next segment. I think d2_prison_03 is possible in 40s


Probably best to stay in one segment, since there’s only two rooms with combine soldiers, and it’s a fairly small map. I’ve been busy again lately, sorry guys =/


ok, but then i’ll don’t run this map.In the second room (after pushing the button) are many combine’s. don’t know how to kill them fast, and you can’t skip them, because they shot on you, and this take’s very much health on hard. A real hard map.


you don’t have to kill them if you know the power of speed :stuck_out_tongue:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/125509633/sug…mbines_part.zipwe don’t get an orb compaired to the hlook’s vid but that doesn’t cost much I think.


wow, nice demo, i think you should run the map.If you only recorded the first part too, this would be a run.Or you just leave it, and someone can make a demo of the way to the point, where you started recording. Two segments and you demo would be the second.Then we can move on quickly with the next map, because i think your part was good. What you think about the offer?


I made a demo run again. tell me if there is a room for improvement other than the choppiness of the movement.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1791916739/d2…03_suga_34s.zip


nice run, but why you grabed the health behind the door? You already had 100 at this point


heh that was just a stupid mistake.


ok, here the improvements:1.Don’t grab the create at the beginning, only take the mortar, then tokk the lowest big create and shot it on the other, both destroyed and you can quickly continue.2.Then as long as the monster run’s, destroy both creates, then you have 82 health.3. Then grab the health behind the door and you have 100 health.4. Faster activate the button, it took’s a time in your run, but sometimes it’s possible to activate the button by the first press.That’s all, i think on this map is again 29s possible :slight_smile:


I tryied a run of this map:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2018734390/p2…rkdevil_33s.zipIt’s in two segments and just one second faster.It’s two parts, because i can’t do the gravjump over the shield on this place, only with luck.And i have a new improvement (which’s not in the run):At the end when you do the gravjump, don’t shot the turret’s with a mortar, (how i and suga does) but make fast jumping and when you move’s without waiting make the gravjump and shot a mortar when you’re flying.


We try to avoid two segments when we can. This map is small enough to avoid it, it’s just two combine rooms.


The combine’s aren’t the problem, the gravjump make’s me crazy.And i think someone will anyway beat the time with one segment.I’m not really good in prison map’s :confused:


Practice makes perfect :slight_smile:


I think Suga will improve his run.


I might have a go at this one. But as you guys probably know, I am a lot better running c17 maps.- Gordon


Sorry guys, but again two segments :frowning:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/870602854/p2_…rkdevil_29s.zipNow it’s 29s and the gravjump is now perfect.And i get the button by the third press.That’s my final run for this map, anyone want to improve?


Why do you keep making two segment demos? It’s my opinion that any single segment demo should take precedence over a two segment demo on this map, meaning the actual TTB so far would still be 34s. We aren’t supposed to be cutting a map in half because it makes it easier, we should only be doing it when running a one segment demo, and hitting all the appropriate stunts, is next to impossible or at least extremely difficult for us to do. This map is neither, and it will start a bad habit for future maps.If you aren’t spending many hours on EACH segment, it should not be segmented.


27s. dunno if I’m gonna improve it or not.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/25820414/p2_d…03_suga_27s.zip


That was a great run suga. Since you’re not sure if you’ll run it again, I’ll just name the thing that would be easy to fix if you or anyone else feels like doing it. After getting the mortar, you can just run and duckjump into the top box, and primary fire the gravgun when you’re close to get through, without waiting for the pull/throw then move like you do.