Meh… I suck. Somebody else can get this for Phase 2 lol.


Well, we could just skip it for Phase 1, because the route is pretty much straight forward.


straight forward indeed, just wanted to do this coz i like the map lol.
Was mostly looking for improvements, but couldn’t really find anything significant.

End with:
25 but likely less HP
no AP
1 smg grenade
5 handgrenades
3 rocket propelled grenades
1 orb motherfucker
some useless ammo


Awesome stuff!
I still think that it’s possible to hit the gunship as soon as it spawns, especially using that over-the-building method. Shouldn’t be too hard to steer the rocket while ABHing to the trigger. We could also do that in the open, avoiding shots is just strafing and stuff.
I dont see a reason why shouldn’t we do this in more than 10 segments lol, as long as it’s faster.


I don’t see how you’re gonna redirect the rocket towards the corner the gunship spawns in with the over the building strat. The gunship spawns too low for it to be able to work, there’s no way you’re going to be able to guide the missile there. Here I’ll draw a picture.

I simply don’t see a way to make an earlier shot than the one I did being able to hit the gunship. Maybe if you go to the very left of the grassyard, however, the combine are good shot. You’ll get hit guaranteed (strafing won’t help much) and we can’t afford any healthloss because we need 75 HP at the end. (unless we turn the valves, but then we throw all the saved time away).


Does armour help with resisting fire?


Yes, although that’s limited as well.


i wonder does the gunship have to destroy that white tank that blows up the wall or will it get destroyed on trigger…


The thing is destroyed by either destroying both gunships to death, or having it shot after the second gunship is hit 4 times and the first one is dead.

I tried noclipping into there and having the gunshit shoot me (and therefore the white thing), but nothing happened.


Well would you look at that. Prison 01 already? Damn, we’re good.

078, abh through the tunnels and slope launch off the last one to skip the ladder. Stop when you reach the upper ledge. Goal time is sub 8 sec.


RiS.e and S.hine S.



Fighting time. S. has this one claimed, so I’m leaving it up to him and whoever else wants to give it a shot. You guys can set the segments here, which is why this is going to be titled the “079-080ish” segment block.


Yo S., write an article for this map! :stuck_out_tongue:


If you do the formatting




I spit out my drink so hard after scanning that QR code.