24 seconds. I knew that there was going to be a launch, but OH MY GEEZUS it’s difficult. Didn’t want to retry when this is just phase 1, anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

We can get below 20 in phase 2. That launch is going to be a bitch to hit, though.


Every damn coast level looks insane… and this map isn’t an exception.

This will probably be the speedrun of the year for 2012! :wink:


I was messing around for the launch for quite a while, glad you managed to get it. Not perfect, but damn close, I’m sure we can get the extra height to get right up to the pipe. How sweet would it be to get the abh INTO the pipe? :wink:


I’m actually hoping it won’t be done by 2012. At least not until the very end of it.


was messing around a bit with that level yesterday and damn that is amazing.


Yeah, rly nice. That is what I’ve wanted to see in Phase 2


Alright guys, this is it. The last map in coast, and the second to last map in Sandtraps. 076.

This one’s fun if you like ABH launching. Start from Matmo’s save and get out of the tunnel, curve your abh over towards the beach, then hope for the best. This is another segment where you just have to play it to get used to it.

Goal time is sub 20 seconds (yes, the whole map).

Fun fact: using an estimation of 20 seconds (1333 tick) on this map, our final time for coast will be just over two minutes, at 2:04.92.


then lets aim for sub 15 8)


I bent over the last part of this map and fucked it nice and hard.

Oh, and Gocnak your segment was awesome as well.


cool seg, darwin


Why thank you Mr. “˙”.


You might be able to improve speed overall by dodging the fast zombie in the pipe, you can get it to lunge at you, then move out of the way, could make it faster to get in and/or just give you more health for a damage boost.


Have you even watched the segments? The zombie doesn’t spawn at all and _12 is already finished.