Basic Route.

I’m sure when we get to Phase 2, we’ll all figure our own favourite way of managing each part, so there’s no need to go through the hours of work to manage an acceptable run. This is my suggestion for the route, if you want to change where you bounce or land, or abh, or whatever, feel free.

If anyone wants to disagree that the optimal way would be to go over the top, then back to the map trigger, feel free. It just seemed like the fastest way to do it to me.




Demonstration of collision boost at the end.


Yup, we were going to do that.


The end isn’t a problem, the beginning is.


Problem with start is solved, but the end…


You only made the problem with the start bigger

  1. How did you get up there?
  2. Is getting up there faster than actually ABH’ing along the actual beach?


I will upload a demo soon.



This was in the HL2OB folder for some time.

OnTrigger, if you’re interested in re-running HL2 with us, PM me your email so I can add you to the SR dropbox. You don’t necessarily have to run if you don’t want to (any help is welcome though), and you can upload new route demos for upcoming maps in it too.


I don’t think it’s a good idea to clutter the dropbox with route demos for way-in-the-future maps. Youtube is the best, or just the demos uploaded and then linked to in this forum. As long as the topics are up to date, we’re good. We don’t want to have route videos lying around somewhere but forgetting about them because it wasn’t posted about in the topic. Having a big pile of demos in the dropbox makes it very messy and also destroys the purpose of this forum (plus it’s private, so anyone wanting to learn would have to request access, as opposed to just watch a public youtube video).

Just random thoughts.

CBA watching those two demos right now, all I care about is health. Do we lose/gain any health on this map?


Best phase 1 route ever.

Current seg is 073. Start with Matmo’s save and get a launch off the rocks, you may stop in mid air if you get a good one. Look at 073-coast_11launch.dem in the dropbox for more information.

We need a big launch for this seg; we need to get all the way across the map. I’ve been trying to get one and they’re few and far between, so feel free to save in the air.