Save file hereCODE d2_coast_10===========Phase 1 Time: 17sStep by Step Time: 16sThis time Lonerville starts with a piece of wood AND 50 feet from the normal starting location. This is most likely the “map” console command’s fault, but it still makes for bad demo comparisons.d2_coast_10_p1:1.) Another fancy little rock jump here. Make sure you completely clear the ledge or you will lose too much time. Duck if you have to.d2_coast_10_p2:1.) Fall to the right of the low cleft, look up, and sprint with all your might against the wall to slow you down enough to make a “soft” landing. Try to balance the amount of time spent slowing down and falling though, or else you will delay too much.Looks like a short map i might give this one a go :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not sure this stats are valid but I think they are:Estimated total time: 1:48:10Elapsed time: 0:47:23Estimated time left: 1:00:47Progress: 43.805855161787%(Total time will drop with the amount of time saved from the phase 1 times, Progress is just calculated bu time, if you count maps we are at about 50%)

16s (1121 ticks)This demo is pretty quick I think. I dont think we should spend so much time on this map (not much time to improve) so someone make 15 seconds and we are on to the next map ?14 seconds could be possible aswell.

I can’t get better than 17s. :frowning:

Is anyone up for beating my time ?EDIT:If someone is, please leave a comment, this map is too short to run much more because you wont save any time on it. The next map is harder and allows about 30 seconds to be saved if I remember correctly so my suggestion is to put the effort into that map instead.

Im up for trying to run this map a bit. wen i can be arsed… hopefully this afternoon

good, I hope you get 15s or less. :slight_smile:

pah, pesky little bugger aint it. i can get up top in like 10/low 11. but im shit at sliding down that wall, i find i have to go right, as going left results in me breaking my legs.

cant be arsed anymore. move on as far as im concerned.

rofl. the next ones fooking hard. mite be forced to split it.

how about making a new topic so I can run some ? =)