3 segments, finally getting used to AFH (thanks to eXeC). 49 seconds, one second slower than HL2DQ, but that’s 'cause I got a little sloppy halfway through.


I was looking for some rocks/slopes on the beach that could send us flying over the water to the tunnel. I had one boost, but I didnt had that much speed to fly onto the road. Also, dont AFH that much. Its slower and its easier to screw up while you are doing it.


Here’s your route, exec


There was no need to create another video showing this…


I just wanted to show how to get to the beach fastly.


Yes there was.

Having route information spread everywhere but the forums (be it in our minds or in spammy private chats) doesn’t help anything at all. Neither does “ABH off of the car, then get a boost of the small bump that’s in the rock to get to X faster” help much.


But yeah, the get-down to the beach was awesome! You should’ve continued ABHing once you were in the water too :stuck_out_tongue:


We should


…get done with this map in about 20 seconds.

071 is the current segment. The route is just to launch over across the water as fast as possible, end at level load. We’re either going to split this into two, where one seg sets up a launch and then the launch, or just try to do it all in one segment.

Oh yeah and Highway 17’s done. Total time for that chapter: 49 seconds.


I’m still working on improving coast_05.


Alright, I’ve improved d2_coast_05, so coast_07 and this needs to be redone.


"When do you stop trying a segment quad?"
when it meets the terms of the plan and is fast enough to not be worth spending more time on. no ones eyes would notice a 0.1s improvment, so i dont spend another hour doing it

We do time _2s, in the tick comparison tab. So really, if we moved on with that, we’d have 15 more ticks on 07 that we’d have to shave off. Watch 068-070 please.


okay, I will start improving 068 then using my 067 save.


Longer _2 demos save time on the next map, so they’re not relevant at all, as long as they’re not broken.


They are relevant in this case. Since his _2 was 15 ticks, if he got the same time as I did on my 068 it’d be 15 ticks faster. Therefore, he has to get at least 15 ticks faster than mine for it to match it.


Do we REALLY have to time _2 seeing as HL2DQ didn’t?


Timing _2 demos is unfair.
For example, I get a good time and all for the actual segment, but I screw up the _2 demo just because my PC is bad or something (though the save is okay for the next seg and stuff), I automatically lose the segment. Also, we would’ve moved the same distance over those 15 ticks, doesn’t matter if it would’ve been done during _2 or 068.
To those complaining that I have 1500 ups - you can jump instantly in 068 and regain maxvelocity with one jump.


Yes we have to time them. HL2DQ didn’t time them because theirs were impossible to time. They had segments where they literally shot pidgeons for 19 seconds.

Nobody said your segment was bad because of the _2, they said it was bad because of the save. If doesn’t matter if you can jump back up to max speed in 1 jump, you’re still spending time at less than 3500, where gocnak’s 068 never dips below 3k once he hits the ground.

I don’t mean to be rude, but stop pretending you’re at a disadvantage. Timing the _2 demos isn’t unfair, it’s necessary. Olympic runners in relay races don’t get to “not count” the time when they’re handing off the baton, and if they drop it they’re penalized. Further, we have SEVERAL _2 demos that are .5s (or even .6s for one of gocnak’s), so we have made it very clear that the length of the _2 doesn’t matter.

The only thing that DOES matter, is that since your _2 demo was 15 ticks, if you want to improve 068 then you have to improve it by more than 15 ticks, because improving it by exactly 15 ticks means it’s the same as my 068.


Okay I just sat down and did a PERFECT coast_05 segment:
468 ticks (2 tick improvement over last one)
0.0 _2 demo
good positioning on coast_07
4800 ups on save

now we can start redoing coast_07 ^^


We’ve deemed it unnecessary to go back three maps for 10 ticks. Exec, you will get some (and probably most) c17 maps, hence the map preference sheet thread.