2 segments, and 35 seconds. A shame, I know, compared to HL2DQ’s 31 seconds.

But something about this level just aggravates me, I don’t know what. I guess it’s the… choppiness of it. There’s like random boulders, railings, fence posts ‘n’ shit that send you flying, or stop you completely, when you don’t want to. Meh… we can beat HL2DQ’s time, but only by a couple seconds.



This will easily be done in less than 30 seconds in phase 2 anyway 8)


CooL said that it is possible to get onto the bridge, right after leaving the tunnel. We will easely break the old time if we could manage the trick.


Eh, I didn’t expect you guys to progress to the coast levels so fast. I fooled around on a couple of coast levels months ago and thought I’d post them once we progressed far enough. To keep it simple I’ll post the 4 useful demos I got here, most notably my route for coast_07 is a bit faster cause I don’t stop until I reach to tunnel entrance behind the bridge (at least I think I do; it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve watched the demos).

There you go.

Edit: Well, silly me, I should have checked the demos before uploading. coast_07 was the wrong one… obviously. I updated the archive.


This map lacks a route.



Here’s your fucking route.


Thats only for crossing the force fields, there’s more to this map.


No, the Collision Boost we get is enough to fly all over the bridge right to the tunnel that leads to the next map.


That’s only for crossing the bridge and into the tunnel


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