1 segment, and I TRIED to AFH, but I got this instead ;D

Like 9 seconds or something.


Just ABH doing it’s thing. Really nice!


That’s a sick run… this thing will be a monster when it’s done!


Been messing with it, it’s certainly possible to land on the road. Trying to figure a way to not take fall damage, which I imagine IS possible, by hitting the rail oddly or something like that. Coast is gonna look so sick.


cant wait for phase 2


this route is so classic…


these threads.


so much for a clean, optimised and fast speedrun


Then go do your own and you can have “WR” in your youtube vid title when you finish the run in 2020.


oh come on, it would only take 3 days MAX to redo all of the following maps, not 7 years :smiley:


I locked that last topic for a reason, it means get off the topic. You’re banned for a day. By all means, exec, keep it up. You’re not skating on thin ice or anything. I don’t appreciate you undermining my authority, and treating our boards as if you own them. I warned you countless times about being as asshole, this is your FINAL warning. The next time, you will be permanently banned, and completely dissociated with us. Change your ways ASAP. I don’t particularly like having to break out the ‘big bad boss’ drama, but you’ve left me with no other choice.