The save from previous segment.Make sure you’re familiar with Max]I[muS-X’s coast guide.

QUOTE d2_coast_05===========Phase 1 Time: 46sStep by Step Time: 31sHere begins Lonerville’s spree of CHEATING DEMOS! ;PLonerville uses one of the fastest objects in the game here to fly across the gap, a certain broken piece of pallet. Unfortunately, WE NEVER GET A PALLET IN THE PREVIOUS LEVELS. However, this did provide for a good test of bunnyhopping vs some of the fastest flight possible. d2_coast_05_p1:1.) I first saw the jump seen in this demo done by Suga, and wanting it in the final movie (and also seeing it’s potential for speed across a gap), I tested it out for myself. Do not be fooled! This was not as hard as it looked! I did it on my third try but forgot to save, so three tries later I got it again. This map should be done in one run.d2_coast_05_p2:1.) There is a tire I thought about flying across the second gap with, but after a few trial runs it seems the tire just is horrible at fast flight, and very unstable. Bunnyhopping is much easier and faster.2.) You might notice I skip the crossbow. This is for several reasons. One, the grassy slope that leads to it slows down the runner even with autojump. Then to top it off the mountain crag has a weird jutting clipbrush that, when combined with the tree clipbrush, makes for a very small exit point without almost completely slowing to a halt. Two, assuming we don’t get it elsewhere, the crossbow isn’t even necessary, and is only good against normal enemies who we normally skip anyway.Just some useful tips from Max]I[muS-X’s coast guide.

i just got 32 seconds for the first part… but i used p2_d2_coast_04_nVa_29s_83hp.savcause with the other save i had too less hp to do the gap jump.now beat it :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do the gap jump with only 52 health. :slight_smile:

yeah tahts true i once did it without losing any health but then i fucked up the town…but ill continue running the 82 health version cause i dont think u can be faster with the low hp version :)Well Maybe u can but it very hard

The step by step time was for both parts, not just the first (and was 31s).

What does step by step mean?

sorry i meant for both parts 32…

Please, do not use the wrong save file.

Yeh n1ght if you get a decent time on Coast 05 useing my 29sec with 83hp demo we will not accept it. Please use the correct save file. btw The bridge gap jump can be done with 53hp fairly easy.

hm okEdit: You wont even accept it, if its faster than ur best run and the 29 secs?Edit2: Yeah i just did 31 Seconds with the lowhp savefile :smiley:

good to see that gap jump is still going to be used :slight_smile:

By the way… I had a dream about this map last night. I was watching Max]I[muS-X’s demo of part 1, but he used a grenade to boost the Suga jump, so he flew all the way into the ocean far away. B)

what does the ttb mean? time to beat? of whom?btw i found a nice video about dreaming of hl2 :wink:http://srv10.qfile.de/operator.php?sysm=fi…x_hi_1.avi.html

Actually I don’t know what TTB means literally, but I think it’s (the current fastest) time to beat.Yeah, this video was posted on PHL some time ago, thanks for posting it here too. B)

TTB means Time To Beat.Dreaming about HL2 is v sad imo, i think you should get out more samppa :DYes we are still going to use the gap jump thing suga, i think its one of the coolest “tricks” in HL2, so wp ! :smiley:

Ok guys can we keep this thred clean try to sick to the topic which is Coast 05 if you want to talk about dreaming about hl2 please do it in a differnt thred not here :smiley:

is there a way to see the miliseconds of my run?just did another 31 run and i think its faster than my one before but im not sure…

Yeh n1ght there is open console up I take it ur useing “demoui” to view ur demos. Just under the seconds txt it should say “Ticks” to check which demo is faster ur quicker demo should have less ticks. :smiley:

http://zombie.bhdnet.com/b5k/hl2crap/p2_d2…kitsune_29s.zipBlurg… I can do way better than that. The ramping on the car is MUCH faster than the ball thingie launch. Also, it’s possible to bunnyhop through the tree and the rock to get the Crossbow with out losing any speed. It’s just hard.I think the run can be cut down to about 25s.