1 segment, 21 seconds again, saving 5 seconds from my last run.

Did we need that rocket launcher?


I think we will need it for the gunship fight at Nova Prospect, I don’t think there is another rocket launcher later on.


Yes, it’s the last chance to get it. I skipped it once while single segmenting HL2 for personal record attempts, and got to Nova Prospekt, ending my ‘run’ prematurely.


As long as we have some speed from the map before, this shouldn’t be too difficult a map to manage.


Well… shit.

Yeah, true. I started off standing because I suck when it comes to segmenting lol.

I wish hitting F6 while “LOADING” would create a save right when you load the next map…


While the map is loading, press the console button. You may need to work on the timing a bit, you need to press it when the map’s just about loaded, which is hard to know when, but if you do it right, your cursor appears, then a few seconds later the console pops up. After that, when the map’s fully loaded, open and close the console as quickly as you can (If not, sometimes when you save and load the map loads wrong and can be incompletable), then just create a manual save by typing “save randomsave1”.



Not sure if this has been found, but you can use the wall on the right side of the canyon to fling yourself just high enough to pop over the fence. In theory, you can snag the rocket launcher on the way through without taking damage and preserving your speed.


This video is private


My mistake, should be fixed.

I also guess it was not necessarily proper wording to consider it a “find.” At 3 AM my brain doesn’t work properly =P


This was already discovered by Inexistence. Not sure why he didn’t put it in the forums.


Whoops, did I forget to put it up? My bad <3


It was in Inex’s smiley face, exe. Anyways yeah, we’re on 065 now.

The map is going to be done in two segments, unless people really want to do everything in one. For 065, hold S. and crouch, then do Inex’s launch to the rocket launcher, and segment when you land on it/pick it up.