Save can be found here:p2_d2_coast_03_kitsune_44s.zip


I managed to get 42secs on this map and to all the people running this map heres a tip just after the hill if you jump straight at the blue car and jump ova it you can sometimes get a pritty good boost to get you speed for the finishing bhops. I will give it another crack at it tomorrow. I think maybie 30secs could be done for this map.


I think you meen 32 s nVa.iv got low 31 i think, which isnt bad, but beatable


just got 30s.


LOL Yeh i ment 32secs not 42 my bad, Good Job Cat4lYs7 post ur demo up :smiley:


kk, just got 30s again, except this time with the extra health pack. i think its 0.5 second slower than my original 30s, but we will need the health for next section where we jump the gorge.btw, i am magz^ in ircp.p.s. nVa has the demos


oh, and yes i realise that on my original 30s demo i named it d1_coast, instead of d2_coast :S


just got 29s with 57 hp. dont no if i can go much lower


Max]I[muS-X’s step by step time was a nice 31 seconds, so I doubt you can get below 29… :stuck_out_tongue:


Best i could get for this map was 30secs includeing 2 health packs which ended up in the end of the run i think total of 82hp. btw Cat4lYs7 b5k is uploading ur 29sec run >_< looks like u might be in the final movie afterall :smiley:


yay! i was already in the movie m8. :smiley: got one of the canal runs, the ones that required the least skill! B)


Actually, my step by step had a number of flaws, I was trying to rush through the levels as fast as possible (without compromising routes, of course). So I made a few mistakes in the actual run, but the point of it was to show my idea of the route, not to set a record.Did you guys use the object accel?


No, the object was not used to accel, for a few reasons:1. because if you hit the blue car right, you can get a substantial enough boost off it. (nVa found that out)2. because (for me at least) the time it takes to pick up the can cancels out the time saved on the bhopping.3. I couldnt do it :huh: . I tried but i just started flying, it didnt help me accel at all :blink: In my run the bhopping is pretty good, i get going fast enough to just cruise (no up and down motion, just like sliding up the hill) halfway up the hill.


We cannot move on just yet Cat4lYs7 i have some bad news for you. You forgot to continue your run once the loading screen has finished loading to d2_coast_05 this means all the speed you had stops so when we load your save file we have no speed at all :frowning: which means it will have to be re done iam sorry. You will see what i mean when you load ur save point.


ok, i will re-do 04 if u want. but i think you will find that if u press the bhop key while it is still loading you will keep up quite a steady bhop, and also, IF u did continue a really fast bhop down the slope it is a ) 10x more difficult to hit the land mine things, and B ) once you do hit them, you will go too high and far and kill yourself on the landing. I have tried this hundreds of times, and it is usually best to not be going to fast when you hit the land mine.However, its your call. I will not be able to play 2nite for sure. Hopefully I will be able to play 2moro (Thurs) a bit, but if not, I will post on here asking for the section to be extended until Friday so I can have a few more runs, my time was low 29s, and im shooting for 28s now :smiley:


school’s out so i’ll do my best trying to compete with your times :)godspeed you all!PS: backing up demos should be mandatory as we learnt the hard way :confused:


Great to see old members back in action :smiley:


You can object accel straight off the object as it rests on the hood of the car, actually. To object accel, you have to be going fast over the object and then grab it at the last second as you are going over top of it. You can always slide up the hill, but the object accel helps to increase speed on the flat part of the road before it.We DEFINITELY want to keep speed going into coast_05, and in my experience it is much easier to do the land mine hop while keeping speed. I was able to do it 1/3 of the time, which is much better than a number of tricks in this run. If you are having extra trouble with it the only thing I can say is you aren’t taking the first turn right.


Me btw ^


By the way (again, gg triple post), take your time on these maps, keep redoing them etc. I’m hoping by the time I get back only the Coast levels will be completed! :smiley: