44sEDIT: Thanks bandit5k :stuck_out_tongue:


You lie like a dawg yo!44s


Actually, the title of this thread should be d2_coast_03 shouldn’t it?


indeed i think u r right

  • if no1 can beat that i suggest we move on to get the ball rolling?


45s was a pretty good time. I don’t think there can be any real substantial improvements to this map, so if the 44s time looks good I think it is a good idea to move on. I tried for awhile to fly all sorts of ways over that lake, but in every scenario it was a few seconds slower than the time it took to bunnyhop.There might be some kind of expert flying that could be done to tie or maybe even improve the current time by a few seconds, but I tried flying for awhile and I don’t see it happening any time soon. Not to mention, bunnyhopping just looks better :slight_smile:


so canwe move on Lightning, pweaseee


Chill ma homies, just gonna pimp up my run yo!


I dont think anyone is running this map anymore so time to move on to coast 04 :smiley:

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