What I’ve come up with so far:

Bring a barrel from the end of d1_trainstation_05 to this map. Wallclimb straight up onto the house. Jump down to the ground: Using the barrel the way I do in the video is good for not losing HP, however I don’t know the name of this technique (if it has one?). After landing, wallclimb the two fences and proceed to d1_canals_01.

I had to do this map in 3 segments (hence the video) and got around 30 seconds with a pretty bad run. Easily improvable, but the question is how much. This map will most likely be way slower than in the the HL2DQ run, unless someone else finds some sick route.



There’s a hilarious glitch in this map. You can spawn two barneys :stuck_out_tongue:


My thoughts for this map. I agree bringing the barrel through, definitely. But I say we don’t drop down, then wallclimb over the fence. If you lose the barrel after the very first wallclimb to skip the crowbar, you can abh all the way round to the fence you wallclimb over, and just squeeze in there. Then grab a pallet with a little detour, climb over the last fence.

Then I say we should grab a paintcan or bucket or something for the next map. Lets us skip the combine in the next without waiting for them.


This will probably be the first map that’ll be slower than HL2DQ. We should really try doing Accelerated Back Flying.


On the spot right there


Hey guys, i think i’ve found another way to do this segment, i guess it’s faster if you manage to do the abh part correctly.


We don’t need the crowbar, do we?

Anyway, I’ve made a slight route improvement which is totally faster than other routes (I guess). In my demo, I messed up in the abhing, but it’s totally possible to make it in one ABH (I did it by myself, but messed up at the ending. In this demo, I didnt do a good ABH but I did a smooth ending that saves us some time :P)


Make sure you grab this paintcan at the end of the segment. We’re gonna need it to fly over the guards/civilians in canals_01. http://steamcommunity.com/id/LotsOfS/screenshot/1153170434613917871


The route I found for this map is kinda complicated, so if anyone wants to try it, don’t waste your time trying to get this right and follow these steps instead:

  1. Wallclimb onto the invisible clipbrush, which is above the fence.
  2. Once you’re on it, sprint off from it (don’t jump off) and do a crouch ABH on the edge.
  3. Once you’ve jumped from the edge, uncrouch and continue ABHing on the train - uncrouching wont make you lose health, and it’ll also make it easier to get trough these electricity lines above the train.
  4. After you get trough the lines, crouch and make a turn to the fence while ABHing.
  5. Make sure you don’t have too much speed, or you wont get to keep your speed when you land.
  6. After landing, continue ABHing/AFHing (afhing prefered) directly to the planks on the fence. Your speed will make one of them break, and you can easely get trough the new hole.
  7. When you get trough the fence, pick-up the paintbucket (look to the post above), and proceed to the next map.

There’s also a demo in Dropbox (with the name of EDGE ABH or something), which shows you how to do it - except it fails at the end.

This segment is hard to manage, especially getting over the fence without hitting the pillar. There you’ve got to be quick, manage to turn around and steer your way to the planks. AFHing will help you do that, unless you want to try your strenght and do all this with ABH (which I do not recommend).

gl, hf.


Exec has got the seg in 16s, pruno almost got 15s but has since gone crazy and never wants to see this segment ever again.

I say move on. To canals, my fellow runners!


Pruno got a slightly faster 16s and kept all 100hp so I think he gets the seg :wink:


His _2 demo was broken unfortunately.

Shame really.
Note: We do not care about health yet, We’ll be bombarded with medkits in the upcoming maps.