HL2DQ Time: 7:30

Teleporting, teleporting, teleporting. Segment 1 is the NPC teleporting up to where the giant iron door closes in the teleporter room. Time to beat is 3:56.


3:55.5 Demo and save in Dropbox.

Moving on?


Yessir :smiley:

009 is just complete the teleport sequence, and make sure to grab a barrel on your way up the stairs, and bring it through the door. Stop at loading screen.


NOTICE: We are still on 009. We have NOT moved on to 010.

I sensed there was some confusion around because the dropbox got out of sync for whatever reason.
From now on, if you’re uncertain what segment we’re at, look at the Google Docs. If you do not have access to that, then ask someone who does and theyll grant you access.


I think Matmo deserves to do this segment - since its nothing much to do in it quickly, and we’ll also avoid too many name changes that way in the final video, so the viewer wont get confused :smiley:


Whoever gets it, gets it.

I think DE is the current record holder, ill give this a shot on saturday.
I have finally recovered from the trauma I got from 003


I’ll try some too when I get back home. Don’t move on yet, please! :slight_smile:


What are you implying ???


I messed about with the seg a bit and I think DarkEvil segment is optimized.

I think we’re done here.

I’ll give eXeC a shot and then we move on!


Here’s the thing: I’ve managed to get this stuckjump at the end of ts_05, but it wasn’t high enough to reach the building we need to wallclimb on. If we do this, we might save like 5-4 seconds, and the landing is totally possible without the barrel. When you land, there are some pallets you can use to wallclimb/fly over the fence and they’re not that far away to get.

Anyway, we don’t know if that stuckjump is possible to do by getting up the building, so everyone should try getting it to proove its possible. We’ll give the testing a week, if it wont work, we will do 009 the normal way. If we will get it working, we will have to make 008 one segment to avoid more penalty, and do the stuckjump in a separate segment, because it’s very hard to do it. I’ve got it once, but I’ve tried >100 times, and I didn’t get it working.

tl;dr: Try stuckjumping up the building at the end of ts_05

Place the barrel between the doors, when they close - jump into the barrel.


Could someone up the latest save and some route demo or so? I feel like running a little when I get back home.

Thanks <3


They’re in dropbox


Abort the testing of the stuckjump - it doesn’t work with current version anymore. Now it will only kill you. Anyway, I’ve managed to beat Darkevil’s time for 009, and we will move on with it. We can still try getting this weird barrel boost in 010, that I got in my town_01 routedemo.


Taking the barrel costs time, we need to use the pallet.

Redo 009


Okay, I’ll pwn this seg by doing the same tricks.


Never mind, we are using the barrel anyway.