Possible Route.


Dude, put this on your Dropbox Public Folder. I can’t download your demo.


Try now.


Looks good!


Good indeed! This replaces my route with wallclimbing. MOVING ON


As a side note: Is anyone else here having the situation where the cops don’t shoot you if you wait for them and where the trigger_hurt below does nothing?


Pruno’s route shows a fast skip over the beginning building; he’s probably going to take it, however, if you do manage to get it, we’re going to segment after Alyx says “hmph” after knocking out the guards (so listen close), and the screen is all white.


I have that happen alot aswell, I’ve even had times where the cops wouldn’t even go up the stairs.


Another way to do it, a bit slower i guess but it works.


I’ve found the guards aren’t that deadly anyway


The time for Pruno’s segment was 25 or below. I got 25.2, but noticed a major change to the segment.

Upon recording a temporary segment after the save that I made, the demo playback of the wake up with Alyx was fugly and messed up. We have since changed the ending of the segment to when you gain crosshairs after the wake up, for demo playback’s sake. Estimated time of completion of first seg is bumped up to ~38 seconds and below.


Darkevil achieved 38.8 (out of the back of my head) which is nearly perfect.
Moving on to the next segment 007.

If you want, you can still try and get 006 to sub 38. But I doubt it is worth it.


Okay so Darkevil got ts_04 down, which is good. Moving on to ts_05.

Total time: 1:22
HL2DQ Time: 1:27

Saved 5 seconds. Good work.