The route should be pretty much identical to the original HL2DQ route. Exit the train, ABH down the platform, go through the turnstile. Keep left, and keep ABHing. Now follows the first annoying spot of the run.

It would seem if you go through the big room too quickly, the triggers will mess up and there will be 3 people blocking your way. There are 2 solutions to this problem, but I don’t know which one is faster.

We can either a) Slow down a bit during the ABH in the big room, to avoid messing up the triggers, or b) Keep the speed, but pick up an object in order to wallclimb up on top of the 3 people, and just walk past them on their heads.

I’m guessing a) will be a bit faster, but it would be really nice if someone could try both and see which is better.

Also, I say we keep do this map in 1 segment, as it’s really not that hard.


By the way, we should record the gman speech and start the segment as soon as we gain control, so we wont have to wait each time we screw up.


We don’t really need it recorded for the Phase 1 run.


We don’t, but someone should put up a savegame so that at least everyone will start from the same point and we can compare times.


Yup. Someone should.

Anyway, S made this picture for the big room. I think what usually happened to me was that when I managed to get a perfect turn in the big room, I ABHed through A and B too quickly. Check this demo if you don’t understand.

So now we have to figure out which is faster - Slowing down the ABH between A and B, or picking up an object to wallclimb over the people.


You can kinda avoid the maze if you wall climb over the clip. Just thought I’d mention it.


Hm. I tried doing that, but it seemed like I always just ended up hitting an invisible roof, preventing me to get over. Also, if it were faster, wouldn’t it have been done in the original HL2DQ as well?


There are clip brushes everywhere, although they don’t quite go all the way to the ceiling:
http://i.imgur.com/Ye8Df.jpg so it may still be possible to go over, but probably not worth it.


Yep, this is what I think as well. My guess is that the best way to do this is to slow down just a tiny bit after hitting trigger A, so that you don’t bug out trigger B. To grab an object in order to wallclimb up on top of the three would probably take more time anyway, unless you’re able to ninja-grab one in the middle of the ABH (but as far as I know the only climbable objects in or on the way to the room are the blue briefcases, and they’re pretty hard to reach?).



You can definitely fit under it. It’s just made hard by the part of the wall jutting out.


I’ll look at it when I get home.


Oh btw, there’s also THIS trigger, which spawns the three people in line. If you activate this one and trigger A in the other screenshot too quickly, it will screw it up as well.

Edit: Been messing around some more. If you hit trigger A and B (or B and C, for that matter) too fast the people will only advance 1 in line, as opposed to 2 as happens when walking normal speed.
However, if you hit the spawn trigger and trigger A too fast, the last 2 people will try to advance one place, while the guy in front of the line won’t move at all, therefore blocking the movement.* She’d just turn around on some occasions. This is what happens in your demo.
So you’d need to slow down between the spawntrigger and trigger A as well.

Oh and also, the little small trigger that is seen in the door opening in this picture is required to be touched as well in order for the dudes to move. This might have some impact as well if you touch this one and trigger A too fast, but I haven’t done any research on that.


Cant you guys just look how it’s assembled using a map editor, rather than trail and error method?


Speed run Route: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JXm1BJMGX8
can do faster.


At around 40 seconds it’s possible to keep the ABH into the first part of the maze. However, this is what might cause the NPCs to bug out.


When you need to turn in the maze, would it not be quicker to do a standard bhop?


Yes, a Bhop would probably be best.

I say we do the entire first map in 1 segment, as the only really hard part is teleporting Barney. It will easily be done by someone in Phase 2, if we still have as many runners then as we do now.

Also, will someone please just make a half-assed time on this segment with a decent teleport and ABH, so we can move on already? 8)


Use this save to start running.

EDIT: Got 164,mid (2:44 mins) seconds. I’d say we move on to the next map.

I’ve attached the demo and save.


Maybe you guys should set a deadline for each segment, say a week or so for each map. Since optimality isn’t the goal in phase 1, a suboptimal demo should do fine, even if it has a couple hick-ups. This would ensure a somewhat steady pace at least in phase 1. After all, you don’t want a p1 run to be so optimized that you can hardly improve upon it in p2 :wink:

That being said, if no one gets the teleport right in time, so be it (note that I didn’t watch eXec’s demo). In p2 it’s mandatory to get it, but not in p1 where the main focus should be the route.


Yep, I agree completely. However, we’re still not sure what route is faster in this case. I think I just discovered that picking up a box in the beginning of the ABH and using it to climb over the blockers is the fastest “style”. I was just making a demo when my computer crashed randomly (probably due to 3 week uptime), but I’m headed out now so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to make one. Due to a lack of time I’ll just copy-paste this here:

7:17 PM - igge: i finally managed to grab the damned box in the middle of the ABH
7:17 PM - igge: i seriously think it’s the fastest way to do this seg
7:17 PM - igge: in the dark corridor before trigger A you can grab a box in te beginning of the abh
7:17 PM - igge: use it to pass the blockers in the maze
7:17 PM - igge: i wanted to get a decent dem of it
7:17 PM - igge: and i just had it
7:18 PM - igge: then comp froze and went completely silent
7:18 PM - igge: oh well, i guess a reboot was in its place
7:18 PM - igge: hadn’t rebooted in 3 weeks or so
7:18 PM - S.: lol
7:19 PM - S.: yeah i saw those boxes
7:19 PM - igge: i managed to get some pretty damn sweet abhs into the maze
7:19 PM - igge: a continous abh from the turnstile to the end of the first part of the maze
7:19 PM - igge: i could barely hold on to the box
7:19 PM - igge: but i dont think i ever dropped it from the speed
7:19 PM - igge: so it’s definitely doable
7:20 PM - igge: and like 1/3 times you’ll get a perfect “wallclimb” onto the blockers
7:20 PM - igge: whch gives you good speed over their heads
7:20 PM - igge: then you just pick one of the blue briefcases next to the combine
7:20 PM - igge: to use for teleporting
7:21 PM - igge: maybe we should segment before barney after all…