d1_trainstation_01 train skip


This skips the train raid, saves time

oops dont have video ill get it later


and after that, Elgu’s gateskip.


By the way the gate skip is hard because you have a lot of speed from bunny hopping all the way from the train. But meh.


we could always boost(or try to) boost off the trashcan


That also sounds hard but maybe easier. Also probably slower. Hmm


I tried that. Many times. I can’t see it happening unless we do the same strat the NE TSA does. A supercharge under a scanner (the scanner position is random every time you load the map). Also a propboost up in the air is prolly faster than just getting a horizontal one and hitting the trashbin.


I think we’ll be fine with this one, even if it does turn out to be too hard we can always slow down a bit (not entirely) to make it doable.


The scanners don’t spawn until the train arrives so you can’t really do the scanner boost.


Because of the trains’ movement + bhopping we can probably generate enough speed to be able to skip the gate without the use of any props (hopefully).