1 segment, might have to make it two in p2.

Now onto coast, baby ;D


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Heh, understatement. Onto 058. Use Yalter’s save and stop at the medkits past that one sniper guy that shoots the logs.

You’re permitted to use one of the SMG nades we got from town_04 in order to aid this segment. The other SMG nade is for coast_07, so don’t waste it.


“We need to get the shotgun in town_04 so we can do ABH launch in town_05”

Where did that go?


We needed the SMG grenades for coast_07 and possibly 1 for somewhere else. It’s just convenient that the shotgun happened to be in the same place. It helps speed up the combat for town_05 and makes breaking anything on coast that’s in our way a little easier.


Watch 058 - 060. We skip every possible location to pick up the shotty in this map. Plus we were 4 seconds faster (with a 2 SMG nade and 30 suit advantage) than DQ on town_04 anyways so I’d say it’s fine.

Good news, only 062 remains in our path to coast, which Matmo is more than likely going to get soon.