So I’m off for next 4-5 days, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Guys!


Hold on a sec! After dropping on the barrel you have 50 HP, and after a new segment starts you have 47 HP. WTF man?


looks like a fast headcrab did it


43 not 47. It’s because the headcrab was attacked me immediately when I’m landed. This fragment was dropped because I started to record too late and I’m lazy to rerecord it.


Proposed new route for town_04. We’re going to use the SMG grenades to do some damage boosts in coast and maybe in town_05. We also pick up the shotgun here so it saves having to pick it up on town_05 and lose a bunch of our ABH speed.

  1. Do you need the grenade boosts on coast
  2. If they’re not, please don’t throw away our health. It’ll make prison_01 so much more easier.
  3. If they are, how much time will they save.

Show me the dmg boosts please.


hasn’t there been a smg nade skip in dropbox for ages? That saves 2 secs and health can be replenished


Also we can get the shotty in the rebels base in town_05 (after the ABH launches you want to do)


before or after the combine?


It’s likely we’ll need at least 1 of the grenades to make the boost possible on coast_07. The idea is to use a grenade for extra height and an ABH for speed to skip from the first tunnel all the way to the end of the bridge. Gocnak was messing with it at some point a while back, I’ll mess around with it sometime in the next couple of days and see if I can manage to make it happen.

There’s also the 30 suit that you guys are forgetting about, which is what enables us to do these damage boosts without destroying our HP pool. I’m not sure if the boost on town_05 is going to be possible (didn’t spend much time though), so we’ll likely just save that grenade for during or after coast. Having extra grenades cannot possibly be a bad thing.