Alright, if we use the box timesaver in previous map, we will obviously have about 1500 ups left when we land. I found a nice way to complete this map in under 8 seconds, provided that we have some speed at start.

Image 1:
I hit two little slopes on the ground that are at the very beginning of the map, they boost me a little bit upwards, until I hit this rock which gives me more vertical speed and I start going up.

Image 2:
Right before touching the clipbrush, I escape from it by going a bit right and I keep gaining height (also, I hit a new slope there so I gain even more height).

Image 3:
I sail next to the clipbrush, until it ends. Then I make a turn and land on the rocks from which I can easely proceed to the next map.

You can grab a demo of me doing this in timescale here


we got something moderately close to what exe does in his route demo, but we’re not sure if that angle and speed are going to be possible after doing a grenade boost (not to mention fall damage with how little HP we have).

otherwise, on to town_04.