Oh god…

Dat item flying. :3


Woah, nice work with the flying!


wow… Flying that long distance on a brick is nearly impossible. Your flying skill is amazing :o


How do you fly so well?


I bloody applaud you sir, that was some excellent ob flying.


Alright, new trick that replaces the brickflying.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXERXD2fxUQ (100% sure its possible to get a giant launch)
and what to do after it (if you dont get a giant launch)


`So there’s another SMG grenade in this map that we can use for the coming levels (rest of town and coast.) with only minor timeloss (Is bandit5k’s ggun punt into superfast wallclimb still possible?)

I will reroute prison_01 using it, but if we can use it earlier, go for it! Will have to look into town_01 as well, use it at the same spot hl2dq did.


How about we save it for additional speed if needed for town02a, next map has 4 medkits to restore health with.


How much time would that save?


Alright, so the route for this map is okay now we’re done. On to town_02a.




I said I’d like to try the segment today and asked you to wait without moving on.
Come on, I thought we talked about moving on with segments that have been done in 2 hours.


You can certainly still work on it and try to beat us, and we wouldn’t be mad. We’re just trying to keep some momentum going. If we have to go back because you improve an earlier segment, so be it. But until then, we ‘gon keep on truckin’.


Just improve it allright exec.

These guys are not going to stop. Just improve the damn segment and these guys will rewind 5 segments.


Don’t worry, i got 74,8s for 043.