I re-did it. Is now faster, doesn’t do barrel flying, but uses ABH. 22 seconds.

I set up for d1_town_02 in the second segment, 'cuz I felt like it idk. It’s 4 AM here.

Seg 1
Seg 2


Actually, ABH in this map is faster than barell flying. It took alot of time to set up the barrel, while you could just jump out and start an abh.


I was about to reply with “But the damn zombies!” but I actually sat down and did it lol.

Like this? ;D


Yup, that’s what I’m talking about. Good job!


I’m sure this segment will be the entire map. Look at my video for more reference, but make it quicker. DQ had 13 seconds on this map, lets try to get near that.


Can I ask what time you got on the last segment of town_01? I’m at work right now, so I can’t check myself, but I thought that segment looked kinda interesting. So depending on what time you got I might want to try some more myself. 8)


6.03s for that last segment.