I don’t really know what happened with that barrel launching me up to the sky. Probably because of me jumping on a weird angle, or something. Lucky :slight_smile:


Oh great, now we’ll have to replicate that for phase 2 ._.


Oh wow, that was an awesome jump/glitch/fling of sorts.


Try and find something you can spd. Much better would be to try and trap a solid object against that whirly blade.


CooL said its wallboost. Atleast we know what it is now.


Surely it’s faster to do the silly flying on a barrel we’ve been doing lately?


Nope. It cuts it close, but barrel launching is faster I think.


Well yeah, I though we would fly on a barrel instead of wallclimbing in Phase 2 and also use that wallboost trick. It is a route anyway, so I was too lazy to fly at the time ^^

My estimated time for this map is around 30 seconds.
HL2DQ Time: 23 seconds

Here are my route demos for this map, in case you want to watch that wallboost with Timescale.

Anyone’s up to do d1_town_01a? It’s pretty much straight forward, I would say we should skip it.


Yep, I’ll go get it recorded and rendered.

Then I’ll start working on getting some of the last of the coast runs in, because Dark is doing the rest of Ravenholm.

We’re making good progress so far :smiley:


We do go to Ravenholm


046 we are on now.


We Don’t Go To Ravenholm, E-I-E-I-O! 8)


We don’t go to Ravenholm, we fucking launch over Ravenholm.

Current segment is 048. It’s a nice little launch you have to do, and let’s aim right for the window, shall we? Look at the demo that’s in there already - it’s shit but it shows you how to do the launch. Goal time is like 5 seconds.