Very easy


We should skip d1_eli maps and move to ravenholm.


Oh ok. All eli_01 is, is just perfecting the item-tap on the head for the NPCs. And eli_02 is the fun ball tricks and whatnot XD.

I did a quick run through ravenholm, and it seems we’re going to skip town_03 just like HL2DQ, making the levels

Then… coast :smiley:


Looking forward to d3_citadel_xx


Some sick stuff we had on canals_11 through canals_13. If someone sees a segment that can be improved, say where it can be improved. Otherwise people won’t take you seriously. Whether that’s justified or not, I don’t know. That’s just how it is.

Matmo also got a good 038 on this map, tried to improve, but couldn’t.

I guess we’re onto 039 (eli_01) then, but I felt this topic needed resurrecting anyway.