ABH skips everything.


Even with all the getting caught on ledges and everything, you still beat HL2DQ. Nice one




Alright then.

Onwards to 035. Matmo got the first segment for this map (034) without any health loss. 035 is continuing from his save into the tunnel with the zombies n stuff in it. Stop when you’re in the tube.

Note: I’ll bring this up again. People, if you want to try to improve a segment, tell us, and we can wait to move on until you do. A segment is declared optimized until proven not so.

Also another note: If you want to run any segments, feel free to add me on skype (“gocnak”) so I can add you to the skype group, where you can be more up-to-date with the segments of the run.


Onto 037. This segment requires you to hold A + S + Crouch + Jump in order to survive the beginning. Get a launch off of the dirt at the end of the tunnel and stop the segment at canals_13 load.

Like I said, contact me on skype (“gocnak”) for more up-to-date updates on the run if you’re looking to run segments.


Alternative way


HL2 acted funny when I opened it. You’re not running subtitles are you?