Segment three needs some work. Item flying doesn’t work (I just can’t do it well), so I thought we could ABH through the normal way. But we need as much health as possible for canals_12, so feel free to re-do it if you have any ideas.

Segment one: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ptx3sc3sq693ucg
Segment two: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?n7v1msl71lwcncd
Segment three: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?q6xpn4epcdu770a

Save for the beginning of segment three: http://www.mediafire.com/?lmvz400w0x23o0i


Air boat trigger details:
Class Info:

Class: trigger_once

Name: NULL
Parent: NULL
Origin: 7477.99, 4867.84, -924
Start Disabled: No
Global Entity Name: NULL
Filter Name: filter_airboat


Only output:

My Output: OnTrigger
Target Entity: lcs_guncave_gategreet1
Target Input: Start
Parameter: NULL
Delay: 0.00
Only Once: No


No inputs.


Physics Objects
Only clients in vehicles


Brush Entities


So that means the only way to activate that trigger is to be inside a vehicle while touching it?

And there is no other way to trigger lcs_guncave_gategreet1? no way to force something like that through some bug or so?

Filter Name: filter_airboat

I tried running a jelopy through it and it didn’t trigger. This means that when you activate it you must be inside a vehicle and it must be an airboat. There is no other way you can activate that trigger.



Well, even if we get trough the first gate, there’s another gate following, and you can’t get trough it either, because its surounded by invisible walls. Well, that’s sad.


I was thinking if an ABH got enough high, we could go over. Alas, there’s no skybox over the tunnel. so it’s impossible


Just a quick heads up:
We won’t be able to have more than 50 hp as we start this map.

Gocnak’s route demo is on easy, not on hard. Swimming through the sludge and taking falldamage like that isn’t a viable option.

Someone needs to reroute this quick, I’d do it myself but I am bad at routing.


Re-Routed - no health loss


I had a feeling that a collision boost up there was possible but could never get it myself, great job


[s]And so it begins, we have arrived at the map that made Turreu’s canals video useless.

028 is done, we moved on to 029.

Now that we’re actually on the map, maybe we will find a way to skip airboat after all, and we’ll have to restart from segment 20 all over again![/s]


lol yalter improved 028, so we’re back to it.


Yep, 028 was solid, but not solid enough.


028 done, 029 now


029 done (?)


029 done. 030 which is whatever i don’t know, i havent kept track of this map.

Somone update the google doc, theres a checklist on the maps tab.


And we’re on to 031, because 030 was so basic. We’d have included 030 within anotoher seg, but 029 and 031 are so difficult, we didn’t.


god dammit I cant keep up with you


Well, I see you guys having trouble getting this segment. So how about we split it, so we can get a perfect ABH in the tunnel and then work on a perfect launch and get-down?


030 improved, new save for 031.


We’re now on 033, but not for long since it’s like a 2 second seg anyways.

A neat little challenge though: try to get 1 bullet left in the clip of the SMG. It’s going to piss OCD people off until we get the grav gun in eli.