Well, the trigger skip still works. Gotta do it quick, though. I found it was easy to just push the airboat past it, and hop in from the back.

Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?pbv7ykgdw26ra2u


I like how you flip off the stop


Gocnak is the canals king! ;D Nice work on all these canals P1 demos!


Thanks! Still a lot more to come, you should see my Highway 17 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6YBbLowQH8

At the beginning? Yeah… I have to work on that haha. Or whoever’s going to take this level in P2.


Now I’ve seen you Highway 17 video and I liked what I saw! :smiley: You destroy the time of HL2DQ with the ABH on coast, and that is with a run which obviously isn’t that well optimized. I can only imagine how sick the coast will look in Phase 2! :slight_smile:


We have moved onto Canals 8

There’s an opportunity to grab the health from the basket at the first jump. If you can get it, it’ll help with later maps (especially canals 10), but it’s not a priority.

The gate skip seems less restrictive, so it’s possible to do it forwards


I almost raged when streaming the HL2, i was on map d1_canals_08, and as you may know, there is an trigger, which you can skip by getting out of the airboat, push it, and get in, is there an foolproof tutorial to skip that trigger, so the gate doesnt close?

Thanks, lol.


I kinda explain it in my run here:




If people actually do their stuff for the explanation video, I can get that done as soon as I get home and then noone will have to ask these questions ever again.

Lazy bums