Anybody still know how the hell Maximus opened the gate in one bullet in HL2DQ?

Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?fe32e6ce78gz522


Pistol charging.


Isn’t that removed since like ep1? :’(


What was pistol charging? Right-clicking with the pistol or something?


Click and hold right-click, and while holding click left-click. Hold both for a short while to charge, then let go of right-click.


doesn’t work anymore though


So it’s a case of just firing two shots and hoping for the best?


Might have to be. The shots are pretty inaccurate from where I was standing, though.

Might have to be segmented there, in phase 2.


Uploaded a new airboat skip onto dropbox. Another one for that map potentially one the way as well.

EDIT: It’s the first time I’ve made that skip by the way so there’s a reason I’m doing so bad after I do it. ;D


Moving on to 024.

This one’s simple, just turn around, get to the gate WITHOUT TAKING ANY DAMAGE, and ignite the barrel ASAP. Stop the segment just before you press ‘e’ to get back into the airboat.


Not taking damage isn’t a requirement, so no need for caps there.

Although you should be able to keep it under 5hp lost. If you lose more than that, you’re probably bad and the segment is slow anyway.


Yeah, gotta push that forward button harder.


Speaking of forward button, will this segment even be done forwardly?

I can’t take a look at it before thursday.


Moving on to 025, UnrealCanine got 024, and I must say - good job! :slight_smile:

In 025 you’ll have to do TYPICAL’s skip with the airboat (watch airboat_skip_made.dem) and the segment ends in levelchange.

Good luck!