Now that we have to get the airboat to canals_11, instead of ABHing, this whole chapter of our runs will basically be a repeat of HL2DQ.

Up to d1_canals_11 at least anyway.

Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?99isdqwi6n3vpew


I think we agreed upon moving on to 023.

This map is a one-shot map, so do it in one segment. Goal time is 38 seconds. HL2DQ had 37 seconds because of a long _2 (which they forgot to count) and maintained speed through the loadings, so a high 38 would be acceptable.

Also I might add that I was wrong about just following DQ’s exact routes for the entirety of using the airboat. There’s going to be some cool skips coming up.
coughcanals 07cough