So we need to use that airboat then? To get past the gun checkpoint later on?


I think so :I


Alright, I guess I can get to recording some airboat driving. We’ll have to use HL2DQ’s exact routes.


I look all over canals-11 for any glitch through. It’s annoyingly well made


Fun fact: This map has airboat in it.

So we have moved on from 019 to 020. Gocnak or someone else will fill you in on the details.

Darkevil: I know you told me to give you a few days. Haven’t been able to reach you. I’m seeing as Gocnak improved it we can move on. If you have reason to try 019 more, let me know.


Fun fact #2: This thread has my first posts in it. ;D

020 is in the dropbox, Matmo has a pretty good route planned for it. It’s loading 019, climbing the ladder, ABHing past some Combine patrol people and manhacks, climbing another ladder, and stopping when you land from the scaffolding.

Goal time is sub 12 sec, maybe even sub 11 sec.


Note: We do NOT need to make a detour to grab health. If you grab health, good, but if you don’t, we’re good regardless.


My best so far is 10.9 seconds, it can definitely lower. Not sure about sub 10 though, may be possible with allot of luck

Edit: my idea of how to make it go faster didn’t work, if anyone has an idea on how to make it go faster go for it.


Moving on to 021.
Segment ends right before pressing E on the airboat. You can’t segment afterb ecause demo recording will fuck up the get in animation.


Time to get airboating.

022 has begun.